Ulta Platinum Haul!

I have been buying so much stuff lately, like it’s awful. I genuinely think I’m averaging like two packages a week from online places, and maybe one bag from an actual store. About two weeks ago, Ulta did one of their Platinum sales, which is 20% off everything. I’ve been saving up my points for a few months, and had $125 off my purchase. So between the two discounts, I got a ton of makeup and spent I think only $8, which isn’t bad at all!

ulta haul march 17

Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation ($34 at Ulta)
I picked this up because I’m always looking for easy foundations that won’t break me out. The reviews on this were really good; everyone was raving about amazing coverage that doesn’t irritate the skin. I’ve only used this once, but I’m honestly shocked with how full of coverage this is. It could easily be used on its own as a medium coverage foundation, or paired on top of a liquid foundation for a super full coverage. It also smells like cocoa, yum!

Hoola Lite ($29 at Ulta)
Once I heard Benefit was releasing a lighter version of their Hoola Bronzer, I knew I had to get my hands on it. I can get away with the original Hoola as long as I have a tan, and use the color very sparingly. Unlike the original, Hoola Lite is a lot less orange, and obviously lighter in shade. It’s still matte, and not super warm, which makes is an awesome contour/bronzer shade for paler skin tones. The formula is really soft and buttery, and it blends out like a dream. If you’re someone who could never get on well with Hoola because it was too dark or warm, check this out!

ulta haul march 17 2

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anita and Barbara ($34 at Ulta)
I’ve been wanting to try out these lipsticks for the longest time, but they are so expensive! When I heard about the platinum sale, I knew I had to get my hands on some of these. I obviously opted for two nudes. Anita is a true rosey nude, where as Barbara is similar, but leans more brown. Neither shade is matte, but they aren’t shimmery either, they have a cream-like finish. I personally really like the formula of these, they’re not drying or uncomfortable on the lips, and they last about 4-5 hours without fading or separating. Although I love these colors, I don’t think they’re worth the splurge. MAC is half the price and just as good!

Ulta haul march 17 4

Benefit High Brow in Luminous ($22 at Ulta)
This was more of an impulse purchase, I’m not going to lie. I got to Ulta, and bought it spur of the moment because it looked pretty and I had seen it on the website a lot. I honestly do not regret getting this at all, because I have used it everyday since I got it. This is a pencil highlighter, perfect for sculpting out the eyebrow. I use this after I fill in my brows, and before I apply my eyeshadow to define the shape of my brow. The color is a champagne shade, making it really versatile and perfect for everyday. It definitely has to be blended out after application, though, or it will look way too harsh.

Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette ($42 at Ulta)
After months of back and forth with this palette, I just went for it and got it. The colors in here are really warm and red, which I normally try to avoid because they make me look ill. I got sucked into the hype and finally bought it. The formula is super buttery and powdery. There is a lot of kick up when using these, which you can kind of see in the picture. It’s nice because the shadows apply like a dream, but annoying because the palette gets super dirty really fast. I have only used this twice since I got it, and have avoided all the scary red and purple shades. I’m thinking about doing a post on this palette for pale skin, and talk about how these shades work on cool, pale people. I was looking for a post like that before I purchased this, but couldn’t find any, so I’m hoping to help out my fellow fair skinned people!

ulta haul march 17 3

Have you purchased anything exciting lately?

11 thoughts on “Ulta Platinum Haul!

  1. So in love with the ABH Modern Renaissance palette ❤ I can't wait to get my hands on it sometime in the future. The hoola still doesn't convince me 😦 Also droppingby to let you know I have nominated you for a Liebster Award over on my blog.


  2. Great post! So glad I found your page! That ABH palette is my favorite palette of all time….at least right now! I am CONSTANTLY reaching for it! I just published a post yesterday asking what everyone’s beauty must-haves are…I just had a birthday and am trying to spend all these ULTA giftcards! I’d love it if you went and checked it out! xoxo


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