Spring Makeup

Spring is finally here! For the warmer months, I’ve definitely toned down my makeup a lot (which you probably can’t tell by the copious amounts of products shown ahah). I’ve really been loving soft eyes with natural, glowy skin and pink lips. I put together my favorite products for spring which give the most gorgeous look.

spring 2016 makeup 2

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Spring 2016 Fashion Trends

It seems like the weather has just gotten the memo that it is spring and it needs to warm up. The sun is shining and the snow is gone, so now is the perfect time to start incorporating some spring trends into your outfit. There are so many trends that I am loving this season, mainly pastel colors (as I’m sure you can see haha). I put together some of my favorite pieces for this season, keeping everything pretty affordable with nothing more that $75.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 1.23.51 PM

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Off Duty

It’s finally beginning to feel like spring here. The weather is staying in the 60s and 70s and the sun is shining bright. The wind is still blowing, so the weather isn’t exactly t shirt and shorts whether yet, but I’ll take anything that isn’t snow at this point! I recently did a little online shopping, and picked up this jacket and these boyfriend jeans, which paired together amazingly. This outfit was perfect for a 70 degree day, because it was cool enough for the sun, but kept me warm in the shade and wind. This look reminds me a lot of a model off duty look because of all the oversized pieces paired with the booties.

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Haul: Sephora VIB and Ulta Platinum Sales

Last week was both the Sephora VIB Sale and the Ulta Platinum Sale. I went a little crazy, but in my defense, I had a lot of points saved up at Ulta, so I ended up getting $170 off my purchase with the 20% off and all the points, so it was worth it. I had also been eyeing a few products at Sephora so I decided to grab those while they were on sale. All in all, I got everything here for under $100, so it was a pretty good deal.

April Haul 3

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How to Extend the Life of Your Clothes

Let’s be real, clothes are expensive. It becomes a real challenge to find good pieces and keep them looking amazing after a lot of wear and tear. I’ve become really good at making my pieces last, because I’ve learned all the tricks about keeping them nice. I made a list of some of the biggest contributors to making your clothes last. Hopefully this helps your favorite item to last for years to come!

Photo from tumblr.com

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High End Makeup on a Budget Part 2

Quite awhile ago, I made a post about how to score high end makeup at discounted prices (You can check that out here if you like). I decided to make a follow up post because there are sooo many ways to get great deals that a lot of people aren’t aware of. These are just some general things for you to check out, if you’re looking for more specific sales, then be sure to follow me because I make posts whenever there’s some good sales to let everyone know.

Photo from quotesvil.com

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Sales You Need To Know About

There’s no worse feeling that finding out that you just missed a sale, especially good ones that are off all products in the store with no exclusions. There’s a few sales going on right now that I thought I’d share, just in case you didn’t know about any of them and wanted to check them out. Enjoy and happy shopping! Let me know in the comments if you get anything from these sales!

sales post 2
Photo from totalbeauty.com

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March 2016 Favorites

*Insert cliche about time moving too fast and not believing it’s April already.*

This month has been so overwhelming for me. I’ve been so stressed with midterms and work and preparing for summer and next school year. My skin has definitely suffered because of it. I don’t know if it was the stress or the fact that I haven’t been eating the best or some product I was using, but I was breaking out so badly this month. I sort of took a short break from makeup so that I could try and figure out what was making my skin react how it was. Because of that, I won’t have too many makeup favorites this month. There will still be some, because I continued to do my eye makeup daily, just not my face. So I apologize for that! But my skin is getting so much better, so I’ll slowly start reintroducing products and see if my skin reacts okay with them. So next month will be better, I promise!

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