How to Rock Second Day Hair

I am the queen of not washing my hair. On any given day, there is a 95% chance that my hair did not get washed that morning. To the average eye, however, my hair looks perfectly clean. That’s because I have mastered the art of keeping my hair looking clean and keeping the oil at bay. I put together a┬álist of ways to keep your hair looking great so you can pull off second, third, and fourth day hair.

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Dry Scalp Dilemma

It’s winter. Which means the air is dry, both outside in the freezing cold, and inside where our heaters are working overtime. Unfortunately, this can do a number on our scalps, drying them out and giving us those dreaded, embarrassing flakes. This winter, for some reason, my scalp was extra dry. I would find flakes along my scalp which were definitely noticeable next to my brown hair. I spent the last few weeks looking for solutions and reading up on what causes it. I’ve come up with a routine that’s helped me a lot, so I thought I would share for anyone experiencing a similar problem.


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