Sigma Haul

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect makeup brushes. I get an idea of what I want in my head, and then end up searching sites for months for it. The brush that I had been searching for recently was a crease brush somewhere in between the MAC 224/Sigma E40 and the MAC 217. I wanted something that would get my lower transition area, but was still fluffy. My search brought me to Sigma, who seems to have pretty much every brush you could imagine. Thanks to a 20% off promo code I found online, I made a, pretty large, purchase. (Use code IMATSNY for 20% off now!)

sigma haul 1

F25 Tapered Face Brush
I bought this brush because I have seen so many YouTubers use this for applying powder underneath the eyes. The shape of this allows it to get into the small areas of the under eye without scratching or irritating my eye. This has been my go to powder brush since I got it. It’s pretty dense, so it picks up a lot of powder at once and really packs it on. I’m obsessed with this brush, and seriously recommend it!

F40 Large Angle Contour
I’ve been looking for an angled contour brush like this for awhile, but haven’t had much luck. I really like the shape of this, it makes it really easy to apply contour, and the bristles are soft, so it doesn’t scratch my face. My biggest complaint would have to be the size. It’s a little big, so going in with powder initially can get a little sloppy. I’ve been using a more precise brush for applying powder, and going in with this one for blending, and its been working for me so far. If you have a smaller face, this brush would be way too big, but those with a rounder face like me could definitely get away with it.

sigma haul 2

F03 High Cheekbone Highlighter
Not even going to lie, this brush reminds me a lot of the Real Techniques Setting Brush. Like, they’re almost identical. If you don’t want to splurge on the Sigma brush, the Real Techniques brush will work the same. The bristles are really soft and densely packed so it picks up a lot of product at once, and distributes it evenly. I do really like this brush, but for how similar the RT one is, I definitely think this is a pass. Save your money and get the other one instead.

F65 Large Concealer
This brush was my free gift for reaching a certain price value. I have to be honest, I haven’t used this brush yet. I got it because it looked like the best of the free gifts offered. I’ve been eyeing the new NARS pot concealer, so when I get around to picking that up I’ll use this brush to get the product out. The bristles are really soft, but still firm, so it will get the job done without pulling on the skin too much.

E35 Tapered Blending Brush
This brush was what I originally went on Sigma’s website looking for. I wanted something for my lower transition area, which is pretty hard to find, apparently. I really like this brush, it’s very soft, just like the E40, but not as dense, so it can get more precise areas. This brush would also be amazing for transitional shades if you have a small lid! I definitely recommend this brush because I use it almost every day!

sigma haul 5

E25 Blending Brush
This brush reminds me a lot of the MAC 217, except this one is not as fluffy. I usually use this brush for packing colors in the outer corner of the eye or applying colors very precisely into the crease. The 217 is hands down my favorite brush ever, so to me, this brush doesn’t really compare. It’s a pretty good dupe, but the 217 still wins. I would still recommend this brush, though. I use it most days, and really like how soft and dense it is.

E45 Small Tapered Blending Brush
I’ve been trying to find a pencil brush that isn’t scratchy on my eye, and I’ve been extremely unsuccessful thus far. I bought this one kind of on a whim. I figured it would either work as a crease brush or a pencil brush for my lower lash line, and either would have been okay with me. It’s not dense enough to pack color directly onto the lower lash line, but it does blend out the shadow really well. This brush would also work for applying color directly into the crease. I use this brush pretty much every day to blend out colors that I’ve packed on using a flat shader brush. As much as I like this brush, it’s definitely not a must.

Have you tried Sigma brushes before? Which ones are your favorite?

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