New Years Eve Drug Store Makeup

Can you believe that 2015 is over? It seems like just yesterday I rang in the start of the year with some online shopping (I live a crazy life, obviously). For everyone who lives a more exciting life than me and is actually going out, I came up with a makeup look using only drug store products for you! It’s a classic smokey eye, perfect for going out. I figured I’d use drug store makeup because it’s easier and faster to get a hold of than high end stuff.

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After Christmas Sales Roundup

With christmas over and winter half way through (even though it doesn’t feel like it with this nice weather), stores are running crazy sales to try and clear out their winter stock. Now is the best time to stock up on some great stuff at great prices. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite sales below. Happy shopping!

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The Balm Blushes Review

Aww stop, you’re making me blush!

Alright, now that the pun is out of the way, lets get into the review!


With Black Friday came a blessing of incredible deals. One being 50% everything on the Balm’s website. That, combined with some shopping on Hautelook, and I have all the powder blushes from the Balm. I love the Balm blushes. I love the colors and I love the payout that they have. Each blush comes in a cute, and sturdy, package with a cute name.

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Downtown Exporing

button skirt 2

With the school semester drawing to an end and Christmas quickly approaching, Anthony and I decided to go downtown and explore the city for a date night. Its been unseasonably warm this fall/winter, so I took the opportunity to wear two of my favorite wardrobe pieces from this year: over the knee boots and button down skirts. I love the different textures this outfit has from the suede and leather. The over the knee boots also did an excellent job keeping my legs warm when it got a little chillier at night.

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Naked Palette Comparisons

I thought of so many better titles for this post but they were all inappropriate. Oh well.


When I first got into makeup, I wanted to get a good eyeshadow palette that had a lot of colors for not too much money, so I chose a Naked palette. The hard part came when I had to choose which one to get. At the time, there weren’t really any posts comparing the three. In result, I spent days researching the three and all their differences. So, I decided to make one big post so no one else has to endure my struggle.

Let’s get naked. (Get it??)

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