Summer 2016 Makeup

Since we are almost at the end of July, I thought it would be a good time to share the makeup that I’ve been doing this summer! I like to keep it pretty simple, using as little product as I can so I don’t sweat it all off. I like to focus mainly on my eyes, and just touch up other areas as needed.

summer makeup

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The Best of End of Season Fashion Sales

Although we’re only half way through the summer, in fashion seasons, we’re at the beginning of fall. This means that all stores are clearing out their summer stock¬†in order to make room for fall fashion. This makes it the perfect time to stock up on summer clothes, because everything is so cheap! I put together a list of some of my favorite sales, so you can check them out and hopefully snag some awesome deals!

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Top 5 Eyeshadow Formulas

If you’ve been following me for awhile now, you know my love of eyeshadows. I have so many different palettes and singles from a ton of different brands, so I thought it would be a fun idea to share my all time favorite formulas! These were ranked based on the formulation, lasting ability, and a little bit on color selection. I also linked some of my old posts in case you’re interested in reading a little more on those particular shadows!

fav eyeshadow formulas

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My Top 10 Eyeshadows

I’m an eyeshadow junkie. I love eyeshadows so much, I love looking at them, swatching them, wearing them, buying them, everything! My eyeshadow collection has expanded quite a bit since I really got into wearing makeup, and I have come to know what colors and formulas I like and don’t like. That’s why I thought it would be a fun post to share my top 10 favorite shadows (in no particular order)! I’m definitely a neutral girl, so these are all browns. These are the colors that I could not live without, I have sooo many more that I love, but I thought these 10 were some of the best.

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Haul: Ulta Platinum Sale

Ulta Platinum sales are a dangerous thing. You keep telling yourself you’re saving money and not buying copious amounts of makeup, and then you get an email with no warning saying you have 20% off your entire purchase. I ended up being pretty good during the sale, only buying three things, and one was a skin care product I was almost out of out so I actually needed. And then when I thought my bank account was safe, my friend gave me a 20% off coupon for the grand opening of a new Ulta. That’s when the damage was done.

ulta haul 3

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June 2016 Favorites

Happy Fourth of July for all who celebrate it, and happy July to everyone else! I hope everyone’s enjoying their summer. Mine’s been pretty good, I’ve been busy with work lately which is nice because it’s keeping me busy. I’ve also been a little MIA lately, and I apologize! My eyes have been hurting for the past week or so¬†because I spent too much time on my phone and laptop, so I’ve been trying to avoid getting on electronics whenever I can. Anyways, now time for monthly favorites! I feel like this month’s picks are pretty random and all over the place, but hopefully you all still like it!

June 2016 Favs 3

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Realistic Beauty Hacks

Have you ever read a post or watched a video on beauty hacks and everything in it is super unrealistic? You know the ones. Where they suggest using Oreos as a mascara and juice as a lipstick. Those aren’t realistic (or sanitary) at all. Most things in the video end up being too much work that they can’t even be considered a “hack.” I put together a list of realistic beauty hacks that don’t take any extra effort and can really help your beauty routine. (No Oreos involved. haha)

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