Charlotte Tilbury: The Golden Goddess Eyeshadow and Pillow Talk Lipstick Review

Let me be the first to say that Charlotte Tilbury products are ridiculously expensive. Like, for the price of one of her eyeshadow quads, you could buy an entire Urban Decay Naked palette. That’s 12 eyeshadows from UD for the price of four from CT. One of her lipsticks could get you two from MAC. So when I say expensive, I mean it. Having said that, I recently decided to treat myself. I had been doing really well at saving money and my birthday had just passed, so I decided to splurge and get two items from her collection.


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January 2017 Favorites

This is the first favorites of 2017! This post was kind of hard for me, because the last few days of the month I found myself using and loving the same products, but I didn’t use them long enough to warrant a mention in this favorites. They will definitely make an appearance next month, though! A few of the products (like the face mask) were a no-brainer for me, because I use them almost daily. Overall, I feel like this is a really good combination of products that I was obsessed with at the beginning and end of the month!

Jan 17 favs.jpg

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My Current Nighttime Skin Care Rountine

I’m very into skin care. I take it very seriously, and am always looking for new products to add to my routine to make my skin the absolute best that it can be. A couple days ago I posted about my morning skincare routine (which you can check out here if you missed it). I use different products depending on the time of day, and putting it all into one huge post seemed like it would be too long, so I decided to separate it into two different posts. This one is about my nighttime routine (in case you couldn’t tell by the title, haha). I also added in the face masks that I use regularly and love.

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