Sephora VIB Sale Haul

The past couple weeks have been absolutely insaneĀ for me. I had a ton of projects and presentations due, I got accepted to a school in NYC, and I got offered a summer internship. So last month was completely occupied with school, work, trying to find a roommate, apartment hunting, and planning a move. Needless to say, a lot of things got put on the back burner, which is why I’ve been so MIA from here lately. I’m so sorry and I promise I’ll be better once I’m settled into my new place!

Anyways, time for another haul! The Sephora VIB sale always gets me, because there are so many amazing brands on sale. I typically tend to go crazy, and get way more than I need. I like to think I was pretty good this time around, though, because two of the things I got were just restocks for items I’ve run out of. The other things were items I’ve had my eyes on for months, but was waiting for the sale to get.

VIB haul 17 2

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Sigma Haul

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect makeup brushes. I get an idea of what I want in my head, and then end up searching sites for months for it. The brush that I had been searching for recently was a crease brush somewhere in between the MAC 224/Sigma E40 and the MAC 217. I wanted something that would get my lower transition area, but was still fluffy. My search brought me to Sigma, who seems to have pretty much every brush you could imagine. Thanks to a 20% off promo code I found online, I made a, pretty large, purchase. (Use code IMATSNY for 20% off now!)

sigma haul 1

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Ulta Platinum Haul!

I have been buying so much stuff lately, like it’s awful. I genuinely think I’m averaging like two packages a week from online places, and maybe one bag from an actual store. About two weeks ago, Ulta did one of their Platinum sales, which is 20% off everything. I’ve been saving up my points for a few months, and had $125 off my purchase. So between the two discounts, I got a ton of makeup and spent I think only $8, which isn’t bad at all!

ulta haul march 17

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Zoeva Haul and Review

Hey everyone! Hopefully you all had an amazing holiday season! Mine was super hectic. Between work, all the holiday festivities, and getting sick, I feel like I haven’t stopped in weeks! Anyways, I am back with yet another haul post!


I’ve always wanted to try out products from Zoeva. So many people rave about their brushes and palettesĀ because they are so cheap but still high quality. I could never bring myself to complete my order, though, because of how expensive shipping was. For Black Friday, they did their first ever sale, giving 20% off everything on the site. I knew I had to place an order, so I set my alarm for 6 am when the sale was starting (I got off work at 3 am). After an hour of the website continually crashing and reloading, I finally placed my order.

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Sephora VIB Haul 2016

The Sephora VIB sale was about two weeks ago, which means 20% off everything in the store. I definitely bought more than I should have, but who can blame me?! I picked up a couple things in store, and then placed an online order for the things that were not available at my local Sephora. I meant to post this a week ago, but Black Friday happened and I ended up working about 40 hours, so the time escaped me! Apologies! But better late than never, right? Anyways, into the haul!


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Makeup Geek and Ulta Haul

After what seems like an eternity, I finally got around to placing an order from Make Up Geek. I know, I know. I’m so far behind on this trend. I don’t know why it took me so long! I always told myself I would order, I’d fill up my cart, and then I’d exit out and tell myself tomorrow. Well, a couple days ago I got an email from Ulta saying that there was 20% off everything online, including prestige brands. So since I was already placing a huge makeup order, I decided it was time to finally order from Make Up Geek.


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Haul: Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Sale and Sephora

The Ulta 21 Days of beauty sale is my kryptonite. Whenever I see the sale happening, I buy so much stuff, simply cause the deals are unbeatable. Like, most things are 50% off. Which is insane when it comes to like Anastasia or Too Faced products. Since the sale happened this past month, I ended up picking up quite a bit. I also picked up some stuff from Sephora because I became a VIB, so I had 10%. Basically, I spent my whole paycheck on makeup, oops, but who can blame me with these deals?!


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Haul: Ulta Platinum Sale

Ulta Platinum sales are a dangerous thing. You keep telling yourself you’re saving money and not buying copious amounts of makeup, and then you get an email with no warning saying you have 20% off your entire purchase. I ended up being pretty good during the sale, only buying three things, and one was a skin care product I was almost out of out so I actually needed. And then when I thought my bank account was safe, my friend gave me a 20% off coupon for the grand opening of a new Ulta. That’s when the damage was done.

ulta haul 3

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Boots Haul

I’ve always wanted to go into Boots. To me, it seemed like a magical place full of amazing products not accessible to Americans. That probably seems so weird to anyone who actually has a Boots, but being from the US, I can’t get to one without crossing the Atlantic. Everyone I follow on YouTube and a ton of bloggers constantly talk about going to Boots and all the amazing goodies they get from there. So when I was in Ireland and London, I made it my mission to get to a Boots and check out two brands that I’ve heard people rave about but can’t get here: No. 7 and Collection.

boots haul 3

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MAC and ColourPop Haul

Awhile ago, ColourPop was having a 20% off sale, so I knew I had to check it out. I signed onto the website and had a 2 hour wait just to get onto the site. So after sitting through that I knew I had to get something. I didn’t mind because I had been dying to try their products for so long. And then not too long after, MAC was having $10 off a $50 purchase, so once again, I had to get something. I got 3 shadows, finishing up my 15 palette, and then two lipsticks, which were my first from the brand.

mac and colourpop haul

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