Running Late Makeup

We’ve all been there, we snooze too many times and all of a sudden we have to be out the door in 15 minutes and we’re still in bed. Or, if you’re an unlucky student like me, you get stuck taking the dreaded 8 A.M. class and oversleep your alarm. Fear not! I have the tips and tricks to make sure you’re out the door on time and don’t look like you overslept.

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January Favorites

Where did the month go? It doesn’t seem like long ago that it was Christmas and now we’re already a month into 2016. Whaaaaaaat? Crazy. Anways, I decided to do another favorites post. Being as I’m a college student, I don’t try out a lot of new products on a month to month basis, simply cause I’m on a budget. So these posts won’t be too long, and might be a bit repetitive compared to past favorites, but I thought I would still have it so I could share all that I’ve been loving this month.

Jan Favs

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Why I Don’t Like the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

2015 was the year of eyeshadows for me. I started out the year with just the Naked 1 and 2, and ended it with about seven more palettes. I know that seems like a lot, but I use them all and I never bought anything full priced, it was all either presents or discounted with coupons. So, that’s how I’m rationalizing it. Don’t judge me.

chocolate bar 1

Anyways. Around Christmas I picked up the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I love Too Faced shadows. They’re such good quality and so pigmented and they’re just a dream to work with. So obviously I was so excited to get the Chocolate Bar.

I was a little let down to say the least.

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My Skin Care Routine

A little background on my skin: I have acne-prone, combination skin. I started breaking out really bad around the time I was 13. When I say I broke out bad, I mean bad. I was dubbed “pizza face” by classmates because of how bad my skin was. I can’t even say I only broke out on my T zone or just my cheeks, because I got it everywhere, forehead, cheeks, temples, everywhere.


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I’ve Changed Names!

I decided to change my name. I was previously, but now I am ! I’m super excited about this change! I wanted to go for a name that told more what I was about. So I chose a la mode, which means either fashionable or with ice cream. Both things that I can get on board with.

High End Clothing on a Budget

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A couple of weeks ago, I did a post about getting high end makeup on a budget, and so many people found it helpful that I decided to make another one, but this time, for clothes. I’m a sucker for good quality clothes. There’s nothing wrong with stores like Forever 21, they’re great for trendy items, but nothing beats getting a high quality item that will last you for years. Below are a couple tips to get the best deals possible!

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College Closet: Winter Essentials

sweaters 1


Okay, so quick background on me, I’m a full time college student studying fashion merchandising. I go to school in the Northeast, so winters are a battle of the cold and snow. I thought it would be a good idea to make a little guide of winter must haves for college students. I know a lot of schools are heading back soon, so if you’re heading back to campus soon, you can throw these in your suitcase to battle the winter cold.

These are just the things that I’ve found to be helpful in my time at school. Hopefully this helps anyone else who knows the struggle of trudging to class in the snow. And if you’re one of the lucky ones who goes to school in the south or warmth, well, then I envy you.

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