Collective Haul: Ulta, Sigma, MAC, & More

Whenever I go home for a break, I go kind of crazy buying makeup. This is mainly because I don’t have access to a lot of stores around my school. I was just home for 10 days, and Ulta was having their 21 Days of Beauty, so it’s no surprise that I got a little more than normal. I love seeing Hauls because it’s always so cool to see what other people got. This is by no means me trying to brag, just showing all the sale goodies I got this week! Let me know if you want to see a more in depth post on anything shown below!

haul 2

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Disappointing Products

Is it weird that these are one of my favorite types of posts to read? I think it’s great hearing about products that are amazing, but I also like to know which ones aren’t so great. I put together a list of a few products that disappointed me, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re awful, but they might not live up to the hype or I don’t think they are worth the money. Some of the products shown below are actually pretty decent, but they’re price or the hype they have is just too much for how they actually perform. This is just my opinion, so if I mentioned something below that you love, let me know in the comments, because maybe I’m just using it wrong or there’s a better way to use it.

Disappointing 2.jpg

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Ways You’re Overpaying for Clothes

There’s nothing worse than splurging on what you think will be an amazing piece of clothing only to wear it once and realize that it’s actually a cheap shirt that already has holes in it. This happens to everyone, and it’s never a fun experience. I’ve taken a lot of classes in school about the quality of clothes, and I made up a quick and easy list of things that you can do to tell if clothes are worth the price or if they’re cheaply made with a high price tag.

Photo from tttumblrposts on Instagram

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Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Fashion is a great way to express yourself. There are absolutely no rules when it comes to clothes. You can do just about anything that you want and still rock it. I composed a list of things to avoid when it comes to fashion. These aren’t really things relating to how to or not to dress, more like things to avoid when shopping.

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When to Splurge and When to Save on Makeup

Makeup is crazy. You can find something for $3 at the drugstore and $45 at the department store. They look the same, they do the same thing, but the price is completely different. It gets difficult deciding which product is worth the money and which is a waste. I decided to put together a little post about when to spend the extra money on things and when to save. These are just my recommendations and opinions based on products I’ve tried or know about. If you know of a drugstore product that beats out a high end, let me know! Or if you think a high end product trumps all others, tell me! I’m always open to try new things!

save or splurge.jpg

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Lorac Unzipped Tutorial

Seeing as this has been my favorite palette for the past month, it only seemed appropriate to do a tutorial using it! This is my favorite look at the moment, its a pink and maroon everyday eye. So pretty! Also, for some reason the first two pictures turned out blurry and I’m not sure why. So my apologies! I didn’t want to wait till tomorrow to redo the pictures cause I wanted to get something up today.

lorac unzipped tutorial

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