Fall 2016 Makeup Routine

Fall is hands down my favorite season. I love the leaves changing and sweaters and warm Starbucks and boots and all the other cozy parts, I just wished it lasted more than three whole days. Although the weather here is in the 40s, it’s still technically fall, so you bet your bottom dollar that I’m still rocking fall makeup looks! I do change up my makeup most days, but there has been one look I’ve been favoring for this time of the year.

fall 2016 makeup.jpg

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Fall 2016 Trends Under $150

Fall is hands down my favorite season for fashion. I love all the sweaters and boots and coats, it’s so cozy and warm. This season has some trends that I’ve seriously been loving. I put together a list of some of the biggest trends right now, and added links to pieces that I’ve been loving so you can shop them easily! Most of these pieces are under $50, but there are a few that are a little more than that, but no worries! Everything is under $150, so it’s all affordable.


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Downtown Exporing

button skirt 2

With the school semester drawing to an end and Christmas quickly approaching, Anthony and I decided to go downtown and explore the city for a date night. Its been unseasonably warm this fall/winter, so I took the opportunity to wear two of my favorite wardrobe pieces from this year: over the knee boots and button down skirts. I love the different textures this outfit has from the suede and leather. The over the knee boots also did an excellent job keeping my legs warm when it got a little chillier at night.

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Everyday Fall Makeup

With it being early November, fall is undoubtably upon us. (Some might claim it’s over, but we won’t pay any mind to those people). Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. Leaves are changing colors and the temperature drops from an unbearable level to a comfortable sweater and boots weather. Everything about fall is just pretty and cozy.

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