I’ve Changed Names!

I decided to change my name. I was previously mollymicaela.wordpress.com, but now I am molly-alamode.com ! I’m super excited about this change! I wanted to go for a name that told more what I was about. So I chose a la mode, which means either fashionable or with ice cream.┬áBoth things that I can get on board with.

The Balm Blushes Review

Aww stop, you’re making me blush!

Alright, now that the pun is out of the way, lets get into the review!


With Black Friday came a blessing of incredible deals. One being 50% everything on the Balm’s website. That, combined with some shopping on Hautelook, and I have all the powder blushes from the Balm. I love the Balm blushes. I love the colors and I love the payout that they have. Each blush comes in a cute, and sturdy, package with a cute name.

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Laura Mercier Eye Basics Primer: Review

My favorite thing about buying anything online through Sephora is the free samples, cause, come on, who doesn’t love free stuff?! Every now and then there will be a sample on Sephora that seems like it’s too good to be true, so you put it in your cart quickly and check out before they realize it was a mistake and take it away. This was my reaction when I got a sample of the Laura Mercier Eye Basics Primer in the color Wheat.

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