Morphe Haul

Morphe is one of those brands that no matter how hard you try, you can’t avoid them. Everyone is always talking about them and using their products. People rave about their brushes and shadows and pretty much everything else in their collection. I’ve been meaning to try out their products for probably a year and a half, but for whatever reason, I never have. Like I don’t know why, but I hate ordering makeup online. Clothes? No problem. But when it comes to makeup, I want it right now. Morphe finally sucked me in by re-releasing their limited edition 25B eyeshadow palette. I’m all about neutrals, so for me, this palette is what dreams are made of.

morphe 1

So lets start out with the eyeshadow. The palette was limited edition, so unfortunately it is sold out. I’m going to include pictures and a review anyways, just in case you can find this palette online, and I’m assuming all Morphe shadows have the same formula, so it’s still useful.

The formula is surprisingly good for how cheap the palette was. All the shadows are super buttery and smooth, especially the shimmery shades. I did find that some of the darker matte shades were a little patchy when swatched. That was only really an issue for maybe 4 or 5 colors in the palette, though.

The shimmer shades are so soft that you have to be careful how hard you press into them. They’re sort of similar to the ColourPop shadows, where if you press too hard you’ll take out a giant chunk or push the shadows around and make it uneven. The matte shadows are pretty similar in formula to Make Up Geek shadows. They’re smooth, but not powdery.

morphe 4morphe 5morphe 6morphe 7morphe 8

Although I was blown away by the shadows, I think I was more surprised by the brushes. I bought two, a flat shader brush and a pencil brush. The quality was seriously amazing. First off, they feel very sturdy and heavy, almost like MAC brushes. The shape and color of them also remind me a lot of MAC. The handles are black matte, the words are the same color, and they’re about the same size. They feel more expensive than Sigma brushes, which is weird because Sigma costs about twice as much.

I can definitely see myself buying more brushes from Morphe in the future. For how cheap they are, the quality is amazing. The bristles are decently soft, not the best I’ve used, but definitely not the worst.

My biggest complaint about the brand is definitely their shipping. First off, the shipping is pretty slow. I got standard shipping and it took about 10 days to get to me. Secondly, the shipping is expensive! It cost me $8 for the three things I got. I know that’s not a lot compared to other brands, but seeing as it took a week and a half to get to me, and it was a relatively small package, that’s pretty absurd. Everyone else who I know who’s bought things from Morphe before also had the same complaints. It’s not the biggest deal, but definitely something to consider when purchasing from them.

morphe 2

Have you ever gotten something from Morphe before? What are your thoughts on the brand?

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