My Current Nighttime Skin Care Rountine

I’m very into skin care. I take it very seriously, and am always looking for new products to add to my routine to make my skin the absolute best that it can be. A couple days ago I posted about my morning skincare routine (which you can check out here if you missed it). I use different products depending on the time of day, and putting it all into one huge post seemed like it would be too long, so I decided to separate it into two different posts. This one is about my nighttime routine (in case you couldn’t tell by the title, haha). I also added in the face masks that I use regularly and love.


The cleanser that I use at night is the same one that I use in the morning, which is the Purity Made Simple Cleanser ($24 at Sephora). I love this as a nighttime cleanser because it helps to remove makeup, so anything that is left on my face after using makeup wipes is removed by this.

Cleansing Device
Another thing that does not change from morning to night. I use my Foreo Luna Mini to help cleanse my face at night. I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing me talk about this because I rave about it constantly. If you’re new to the party and wanna see the results this gives, you can check out my posts here (x, x).

I usually exfoliate my skin 2-3 times per week, depending on how it’s feeling. The one that I normally use is the St. Ives Blemish Control Face Scrub ($3.52 at Target). It’s really cheap, and gets the job done. I normally exfoliate before I use any sort of clay mask, because it helps to get off any dead cells and opens up my pores to get cleared out.

Acne Serum
This is the same serum that I use in the mornings. I love it so much, and it does an amazing job at keeping my skin clear. Unlike in the morning, I don’t use another serum beforehand, just this one. You can check it out here for $48.

At night, I like to use a heavy duty moisturizer. Unlike in the morning, I’m not concerned about my skin looking greasy, I want to make sure that it is very hydrated for the next day. The moisturizer that I’ve been using for years is the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion ($9.08 at Target). It’s very inexpensive for how much you get, and is amazing for really hydrating the skin and getting rid of any dry spots.

Eye Cream
This is another product that doesn’t change from my morning routine. I use the Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream ($18 at Ulta). It’s not my favorite product, and one that I probably won’t be rebuying. But seeing as I’m only 21, it’s okay that this eye cream isn’t the best, because I still have time to find one that I like.

Spot Treatment
Whenever I have a pimple or feel one coming on, I make sure to use my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion ($17 at Ulta). This is seriously the best product around for getting rid of acne. It can get rid of small pimples over night, and the bigger ones in 2 days. Everyone who I’ve recommended this to has absolutely loved it. If you suffer from acne, or even the occasional break out, try this out, because it will change your world.

Face Masks


Charcoal Mask
On days where my skin feels like it’s congested, or it needs a little extra love, I use the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask ($26 at Sephora). I exfoliate my skin, and then put this on for 15 minutes before washing it off. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean, and helps to clear it up. Definitely give this a try if you haven’t already, because both my boyfriend and I love this and the results it gives.

Whitening Mask
I recently started using a whitening mask to help fade acne scars. Every other night, I apply this one by Mario Badescu ($24 at Ulta). I can notice such a significant change in my skin. Scars that would previously take months or even years to fade are almost nonexistent in two weeks. It does leave a gross film on your face after washing it off, so I have to rewash my face after this mask, but it’s honestly worth it for the results it gives.

What products are in your nighttime routine?


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