Zoeva Haul and Review

Hey everyone! Hopefully you all had an amazing holiday season! Mine was super hectic. Between work, all the holiday festivities, and getting sick, I feel like I haven’t stopped in weeks! Anyways, I am back with yet another haul post!


I’ve always wanted to try out products from Zoeva. So many people rave about their brushes and palettes because they are so cheap but still high quality. I could never bring myself to complete my order, though, because of how expensive shipping was. For Black Friday, they did their first ever sale, giving 20% off everything on the site. I knew I had to place an order, so I set my alarm for 6 am when the sale was starting (I got off work at 3 am). After an hour of the website continually crashing and reloading, I finally placed my order.

The main thing I was hoping to pick up during the sale was a brush set. I ended up settling on the Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol. 2. I had also heard a ton of great reviews on their eyeshadows, so I picked up two palettes, in Nude Spectrum and En Taupe. The brush set is definitely my favorite item from this purchase. They all feel so high quality and luxurious. The bristles are soft, so they don’t irritate my skin when I use them.


I would say that these brushes are definitely on par with the other high end brushes that I’ve tried. The main difference is the size, the handle is shorter than my MAC and Sigma brushes. The brushes also feel lighter, even compared to my Real Techniques brushes, these Zoeva ones don’t feel as heavy.

The brushes in this set include:

104 Buffer: Round foundation brush
109 Luxe Face Paint: Thin flat brush, ideal for contouring
126 Luxe Cheek Finish: Fluffy powder brush

226 Smudger: Small shader brush, ideal for the lower lash line
228 Luxe Crease: Crease brush (smaller than the Sigma E40 or MAC 224). I love this brush for getting colors directly into my crease.
234 Luxe Smoky Shader: Flat brush perfect for applying colors to the lid.
317 Wing Liner: Thin liner brush (I haven’t used this one yet because I use liquid liner pens).
322 Brow Line: Thin, densely packed brush. This is meant for concealer around the brow, but I use it to pack colors onto my lower lash line (and it works amazingly).

Next is the eyeshadows. I was looking forward to getting these palettes and trying them out, because they are so cheap, but everyone raves about the quality. When I first swatched them, I was blown away by the quality. They are so pigmented, and the formula is so creamy and buttery. After using them both, I have kind of shaped different opinions of each of the palettes.

En Taupe


This was the palette that I was most excited to get. I feel like there aren’t enough taupe palettes out there. Taupe shadows are so pretty, but most brands don’t have them. The few brands that do have them all have pretty blah shades. So when I saw this, I was dying to get my hands on it.

The colors all look so pretty in the pan, and swatch beautifully, but on the eyes, they’re kind of meh. Most of the colors look the same when applied, and the ones that look slightly different all blend into one muddy mess. Don’t get me wrong, the eye look I made out of this definitely looked pretty, but I could have used one color all over the eye and into the crease, and it would have looked the same.



The shadows also don’t apply as well with brushes as they do with your finger. I haven’t tried applying them to my eye with my finger yet, but next time I use this palette, I’ll give that a try, and hopefully it will work better! If it does, I will report back and update this post!

Nude Spectrum


I spent so much time looking for reviews or swatches of this palette online, but literally could not find anything. I wanted a warm palette that wasn’t too warm. I was drawn to this palette in particular because of all the neutral shades in it. I really like the colors in this palette because there is a nice balance of shimmers and mattes. The shades all work really well together, and I can honestly say that I can see myself using every color in this palette (except the gold, because I don’t really suit gold), which is definitely a plus.


I find that the colors in this palette are a lot easier to work with than the En Taupe palette. They apply nicely, and don’t sheer out when applied with a brush, so the pigment is still there. The colors in this palette aren’t extremely similar like those in the En Taupe palette, either, so they don’t blend together and look muddy when you use them.

A lot of colors in this palette are definitely dupable. I honestly think that between my MAC singles and my Naked palette, I could dupe every shade here. I really like this palette because it’s compact, has every neutral color you could ever need in one spot, and it’s so thin, which means it would be the perfect travel palette. Having said that, you could definitely get away with only having one.


Even though the En Taupe palette was sort of a bust, I’m overall really happy with my purchase. I love the brushes I got, and will definitely be purchasing more in the future (I already have my eye on another set). I’m also pretty happy with the Nude Spectrum palette, and could see myself purchasing more shadows from them in the future. Even though the En Taupe palette wasn’t the best in my opinion, I wouldn’t let that deter myself or anyone else from getting other shadows from them in the future.

Have you gotten anything from Zoeva? What’re your thoughts on the brand and the products?


9 thoughts on “Zoeva Haul and Review

  1. I really love the look of Zoeva brushes, but I’ve always been hesitant to try them because I didn’t know about the quality. After reading your post, I’m definitely going to have to try them out!


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