November 2016 Favorites

Favorites posts always get away from me. I feel like I never get them up on time, because something always comes up (this time it was work and finals), and next thing I know, the month is half over. But better late than never, right?  This month I have been loving a few new purchases from the Sephora VIB Sale, which I am so excited about! It’s primarily eyeshadows, but that is my makeup obsession, so it’s the thing I buy and use the most!


Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick – Bombshell
I’ve never been one to like liquid lipsticks. I always thought that they were too drying, which made them uncomfortable on my lips. No matter what brand I tried, they were all unbearably drying, so I thought that’s just how they were. I decided to pick up this Huda Beauty liquid lipstick during the Sephora sale because I had seen them all over Instagram. Can I just say that I’m in love? Not only is the color the perfect shade of pink, but the formula is comfortable. It doesn’t feel drying on the lips at all, and it lasts a long time. There is a slight vanilla scent to the lipstick when it’s in the bottle, but nothing that transfers when it’s applied. If you get the chance to try these out, I definitely recommend them! These have hands down become my favorite liquid lipsticks.

Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon – Leche
This color has been my go to nude for the month. I love how it’s the perfect balance between brown and pink, without looking too brown or orange on my lips. It lasts a really long time without feeling dry. I can usually go about four to five hours before it starts to feel a little drying, but even then it’s not anything unbearable. I actually picked up another one of these in a different color because I’m so obsessed!


Make Up Geek Shadows – Peach Smoothie & Beaches N’ Cream
I am so late to the Make Up Geek party. I kept telling myself that I would try these shadows out for almost a year, but I could never get myself to order them for whatever reason. I finally placed an order, and have been loving all the colors I got, particularly Peach Smoothie and Beaches N’ Cream. These are both perfect transition shades for days where I’m doing a warm eye look. They blend out really well and help to give a really nice fade out of shadows. Peach Smoothie is pretty orange, so I use that one on days where my eye look is really warm, and for more neutral to warm looks I use Beaches N’ Cream. Most days I mix both together to get the perfect shade! I’ve used these almost every day since I got them. I honestly can’t live without them!


Viseart Theory Palette – Cashmere
This is another thing I picked up during the VIB sale. I had always wanted to try Viseart shadows, but they are so expense. I decided that with the 20% off, the price wasn’t too bad, so I splurged. These shadows are honestly some of the best I’ve ever used. They’re so smooth, and blend out like a dream. They almost blend themselves, they’re that nice. The colors are all neutral, so they work really well on on skin color. I get compliments every time I use this palette because the shades are so gorgeous! I definitely recommend trying these shadows if you ever get the chance.


MAC 224 Brush
After buying my first MAC brush, I have officially become addicted. The brushes are such nice quality and feel so luxurious when I use them. I have been loving this brush to apply colors to my crease. The bristles are super soft, but also have a stiffness to them so that they apply and blend colors out like a dream. I do have the Sigma E40, which is supposed to be a dupe for this brush, and although I do see similarities, I think that they are pretty different. This brush is a little more domed at the top, and the bristles are more tightly packed. If you have the E40, this brush is similar enough that you don’t need it, but different enough that you can easily rationalize getting both.

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Oil-Free Mattifying Gel Moisturizer
I forgot to include this one in the pictures, but I have been obsessed with this moisturizer this month. If you’re someone with oily skin, definitely give this a try. It moisturizes my skin without making it feel oily. I can actually go longer before my skin starts getting oily during the day. I only use this in the morning, because at night I like to use a heavy duty moisturizer, but it does it’s job well! It keeps my skin feeling good without looking shiny or greasy.

What have you been loving this month?

8 thoughts on “November 2016 Favorites

  1. I have had my eyes on viseart palettes, but I can’t get over the price tag. These shades are stunning though. My Batiste dry shampoo and garnier micellar water have been life savers this month. I just fell in love with Tarte’s gel cream foundation, too. It’s incredibly smooth and feels so flawless for a full coverage foundation. I can’t get enough



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