Makeup Geek and Ulta Haul

After what seems like an eternity, I finally got around to placing an order from Make Up Geek. I know, I know. I’m so far behind on this trend. I don’t know why it took me so long! I always told myself I would order, I’d fill up my cart, and then I’d exit out and tell myself tomorrow. Well, a couple days ago I got an email from Ulta saying that there was 20% off everything online, including prestige brands. So since I was already placing a huge makeup order, I decided it was time to finally order from Make Up Geek.


Most of what I got was eyeshadows, because I’ve been pretty obsessed with filling up my Z Palette lately. I did get two non-eyeshadows, though. One was my beloved Better than Sex mascara that I had been dying to repurchase, but was waiting for a sale to do so. The other was the Urban Decay concealer that everyone raves about. I’ve tried out the concealer a few times, but haven’t really formed a good opinion yet because the color is still too light for me. I do think that it smells like chemicals though, so I don’t know if that’s just mine or if everyone’s smells like this.

I bought 11 eyeshadows, 7 from Make Up Geek, and 4 from Anastasia Beverly Hills. All the colors and a quick description are listed below! Just a heads up, most of these are matte shades, because I have been looking for some more crease and transitional shades.


MUG Peach Smoothie – Soft Peachy Orange. This is a perfect transition color that I’ve been using constantly.

MUG Beaches & Cream – Natural Beige with a Hint of Peach. Another transition shade that I love to layer with Peach Smoothie.

MUG Creme Brule – Matte Medium Sand. I love using this color in the crease for a natural eye look.

MUG Shimma Shimma – Metallic Champagne. This color is so smooth and looks amazing on the lid or on the inner corner for a bright highlight.

ABH Glisten – Shimmery Beige. I love the formula of Anastasia’s shimmery shades, it’s so smooth and they last so long.

ABH RTW – Peachy Fawn. This color is like the shimmery version of Fawn, but a little more orange.


MUG Bake Sale – Matte Nougat Brown. This is another color that is perfect for a natural look.

ABH Belize – Sandy Taupe. The formula of this shadow is incredible. I actually haven’t worn this yet, but I can’t wait to!

MUG Frappe – Medium Maple Brown. This is another color I love to use in the crease. Like, can you ever really have enough transition shades?!

ABH Topaz – Bronze Gold. This is a really pretty shimmery brown color that looks amazing on the lid of a warm eye look.

MUG Cocoa Bear – Matte Reddish Brown. This color is great for the outer corner to darken up a warm eye.


Have you guys tried any shadows from Make Up Geek or Anastasia? If so, what do you think about them?

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