October 2016 Favorites

I feel like I’m perpetually behind on favorites. Like every time I get one up, a week passes and I have to get another one up. Either that or time is just flying by and I can’t keep up. Anyways, time for another favorites! This month was definitely hard for me because, for the most part, I’ve been loving and using products from past favorites. I try to feature new items on each post, or at least things I haven’t talked about recently, to keep it from getting too repetitive. There have been a few stand out products this month, though, so those will be getting some love here!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario
I have a full review on this, which you can check out here. I will say that this isn’t my favorite palette of all time, but I do think it is gorgeous for fall. The formula of these shadows is also unlike anything else. It’s so smooth, and it blends like a dream. I know once winter comes, I’m not gonna be using this palette much, if at all, which is why I’m trying to get my moneys worth now. If you didn’t get your hands on this before it sold out, don’t stress, it’s definitely one that can be easily duped.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz
This was in my last favorites, but I’m so obsessed with it that I had to mention it again. If you haven’t tried this out, get it! Seriously! It will change how you do your brows!

Kat Von D Ink Liner
I originally hated this liner when I got it. The nib on it is stiff so it doesn’t have any give like my beloved Stila liner does. The more I’ve used it, the more I’ve grown to like it. I will admit, it is a little harder to work with when drawing a line across the lashes, but it does make drawing the wing so much easier. It’s also super black and doesn’t fade or smudge as the day goes on.

MAC 217 Brush
So I used to be one of those people who could just not get on board with MAC brushes. They are so expensive, and every blogger or YouTuber says that cheaper brands work just as well if not better. I’m calling bluff on everyone, because this brush is magical. It’s so soft, so well made, and blends out shadow like a dream. I used to have an issue where my transition and crease shade would blend together and become one muddy color if I wasn’t careful. However, thanks to this brush, that problem is gone. It’s shaped perfectly so that it fits into your crease without putting shadows on other areas. If you’re someone who’s also had this problem, look into this brush because it’s the answer to all your prayers! It’s definitely not cheap at $25 a brush, but it says on the website that if taken care of, it should last 10 years.


MAC So Select Lipstick
So this product was limited edition, and is unfortunately sold out! However, there are tons of dupes for this color that will give the same effect. Anyways, this is a matte dusty rose lipstick. For those with medium to dark skin, the color will come out pretty medium in shade, but on fairer people like me, it comes out pretty dark. It’s such a gorgeous shade for fall, and compliments so many looks. It has a neutral to warm undertone, so it matches warm eye looks so well. I just really love this color and have been reaching for it a bunch. Some dupes that will give similar effects can be found here (x, x, x).


What have you been loving this month?


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