Master Palette by Mario Review and Swatches

Yet another new palette release! This time, by celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic in collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills. This palette has definitely been hyped up, and is pretty much everywhere on Instagram, even gracing the pages of many celebs. I knew I had to get my hands on it to see what all the hype was about.


This is a warm toned palette, with 12 shadows, three of which are matte. The shadows are all earthy tones, featuring shades of red, green, orange, and brown. There aren’t really any light colors in the palette aside from two gold shadows, meaning everything is pretty much medium colored. This means that if you’re fairer, there isn’t a highlight shade in the palette for you.

The formula of these shadows is beyond amazing. It’s super buttery, like more so than Anastasia’s eyeshadow singles. The best way that I can describe it is the love child of Lorac and Anastasia shadows. There is a lot of powder kick up when you put your brush in the colors. However, there isn’t too much fall out when you apply it to the lids. It also lasts a really long time on the eye without being patchy.

I think this palette is amazing, but it’s very warm and a lot of the colors in it are too similar. 5th Ave and Hollywood look almost identical, and NYC and Muse are really similar, too. Because so many of the colors look similar, it does get a little challenging creating a look that doesn’t all blend together into one muddy mess. And creating looks that are different and don’t all look the same does get difficult, too. Also, I personally don’t really care for the colors Bronx or Claudia, mainly because those colors look awful on me.



I do wish this palette came with a highlight shade and a little more color variance. Also, the addition of one more matte shade would have been awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I do really like this palette, but I don’t love it. I feel like swapping a few of the colors out for different shades would have made this palette better. Because if I’m not careful enough, I look like I have a black eye.

I think if you have medium to dark skin, you’ll love this palette because the colors will complement your skin. If you have lighter skin like I do, this palette will definitely be a little hard to work with. I do think, however, you should swatch it on yourself to see if the colors work on your skin, because if you’re too cool toned, it might not work.


Although I do love the formula of these shadows and think there are a lot of gorgeous colors in here, this palette could easily be a pass. There are so many dupes for this with brands like Make Up Geek and MAC, that you could just buy the colors you like and save some cash. If you are someone who loves earthy, jewel-toned looks, then this is definitely the palette for you!

This is limited edition, so if you like it, be sure to get it before it’s all sold out. Available in store and online still at Ulta ($45) and Macy’s ($45), and in store at Sephora.

9 thoughts on “Master Palette by Mario Review and Swatches

  1. Love the review!! I decided against getting this because I’m so pale!! Brown shades like this don’t look great on me! I really like Claudia though xx


    1. I sort of got sucked into the hype. If I had to do it again I don’t think I would get it because I’m so pale and my boyfriend constantly comments how I have a black eye when I try and get adventurous with this palette!

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      1. I always get sucked in, so glad I haven’t this time 😛 and oh dear, mine would probably do the same haha x


  2. I was a little skeptical at first if the quality was going to be as good as past ABH products. As it turned out, this palette is hands down one of my favorites at the moment. The colors are gorgeous and so amazing… & just so easy to use. Nice post, I liked reading your thoughts on it.


  3. The colors in this palette are so pretty, but I wasn’t wow’ed by it. I feel like Anastasia palettes usually have a bit of a wow factor, but this is kinda meh. I’m going to pass on it. i love Makeup Geek shadows and would rather spend my money there. Loved this honest review!


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