Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette Review and Swatches

I feel like there are so many new palettes being released right now. It’s almost a little overwhelming navigating them all and choosing the right one. One that I knew I absolutely had to get my hands on was the new Naked Basics palette. I’m a sucker for anything Urban Decay Naked, and when I heard it was all matte I was sold.


The palette includes 12 new shades, 11 of which are matte, and one shimmer. The shimmer shade is a white color named Blow, which has quickly become one of my all time favorite highlight shades. The darkest color is a matte black named Blackjack. The other colors in the palette range from light yellow to various shades of brown. The shades in this palette range from warm to cool, so there is a color for everyone here.



The formula in this palette is on par with the formula in the other Naked palettes. It’s very smooth and buttery, but not too chalky or powdery. It applies wonderfully, and isn’t at all patchy. I don’t think Blackjack is the best black in my collection, honestly, it’s not as dark and smooth as the other colors in this palette, or even the other blacks I own. To me, that’s the biggest let down of the palette. But that’s the only dud.

I think this palette is wonderful for transition colors. There are so many colors in here that can serve as a transitional crease shades for wide range of skin tones. For me personally, Nudie is the perfect color. However, I don’t think this palette has what it takes to be a stand alone palette. I feel like there are only so many all matte looks you can make with this palette before they all start looking pretty much the same. Having said that, there are some really pretty looks you can make with this palette alone.


Overall, I do really love this palette. I think I’ve used it pretty much everyday since I got it last week. I kid you not, I use Blow and Nudie every day, like I can’t live without them. I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone, especially if you love mattes. Even if you don’t, it’s a great palette of transitional and basic shades that you can use to make other looks.

Do you have this palette? If not, have you gone out and swatched it yet?

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