College Packing Tips

It’s officially back to school time! For everyone who is going away to college for the first time, it can be daunting trying pack up. You don’t know what you’re going to need and what you won’t and the fear of forgetting something important is always haunting you. I  know I definitely made some huge mistakes when packing my first year, but I have corrected them in my two years since. Below are my tips on how to avoid some of the biggest mistakes people make while packing.

Don’t Overlook the Basics
I have a friend who forgot pillows her first two years going away to school. Things like toothpaste, deodorant, pillows, and shampoo are such basic items, that sometimes you overlook them when packing. Make sure to remember to pack all your basic toiletries,  bedding, school supplies, and all the other everyday items you need.

Pack for the Weather
If you go to school somewhere cold, make sure to pack more winter clothes than summer. You’ll get more use out of a sweater than a pair of shorts, so devote more packing space to whichever season is the longest at your school. Having said that, don’t neglect the other seasons. My first year I didn’t think I would need summer clothes because of how cold the city was. I didn’t even think about the first month of the year when it was still hot, so I was going to class in jeans because I didn’t have shorts. Pack enough summer clothes to get you by, but not so much that it’s creating unnecessary bulk in your wardrobe.

Don’t Overpack!
Everyone has one thing that they freakishly overpack because they think they’ll need it, I promise you don’t. My first year I packed enough pajamas and lounge clothes to last me two months without doing laundry, and that’s not an exaggeration. Pack enough to get you through the week until laundry day, not enough to get you through a whole semester without washing anything.

Remember Dress Clothes
A lot of classes will require you to dress up when giving presentations, so make sure to bring one or two dress outfits, a skirt and a button down will work. Don’t worry about rewearing the outfit for multiple classes, you probably won’t have the same classmates, so no one will notice but you.

Don’t Pack it if you Don’t Use it
If you know you don’t wear a dress, don’t pack it thinking maybe the opportunity will arise. If you’re someone who only uses one blanket at night, don’t pack 30 thinking maybe you’ll be cold and need them all. You’re just adding unnecessary bulk.

Stock up on Essentials
A lot of schools don’t have stores that students can conveniently get to, or if they do prices are really high. Try to stock up on the essentials like shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, etc. beforehand that way you have enough to last you till break without having to take 3 buses and walk a mile to get to a Target to restock.

Hopefully these tips are helpful to you! And make sure to share your packing tips in the comments!

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