Top 5 Eyeshadow Formulas

If you’ve been following me for awhile now, you know my love of eyeshadows. I have so many different palettes and singles from a ton of different brands, so I thought it would be a fun idea to share my all time favorite formulas! These were ranked based on the formulation, lasting ability, and a little bit on color selection. I also linked some of my old posts in case you’re interested in reading a little more on those particular shadows!

fav eyeshadow formulas

1. Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow
These shadows are definitely not cheap, but oh man are they incredible. If you buy them in a premade palette, the price is definitely more reasonable, because individually they are $21 a pan. The formula has an almost gel like feel in the pan, but when applied they turn more powdery. The pigmentation is beyond amazing, the color selection is incredible, I seriously cannot rave about these shadows enough. (Click here to read a review on the MUFE Artist Palette #1)

2. Lorac Eyeshadow
I can’t express my love for these shadows enough. When you put your brush in these, shadow puffs up from how buttery they are. They are so smooth and amazing to use. I know these are sort of hit or miss with people, they either love this formulation or they hate it, but I’m definitely a lover. The Lorac Pro Palette and the Unzipped Palette are seriously two of my favorites, both in formula and colors.  (Click here to read a review on the Lorac Unzipped Palette)

3. Urban Decay Eyeshadow
Although not as buttery as the above two, you can’t beat Urban Decay shadows. The Naked palettes are some of the best ones around. They are so easy to blend, and they last forever on the eyes without creasing. The UD x Gwen Stephani formula isn’t as good in my opinion, I find it wears off pretty quickly even with a primer, but the Naked ones are incredible. If you haven’t tried out their shadows yet, definitely give them a try!

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow
These shadows are the newest addition to my collection, and currently I only have four. But I definitely plan on adding more in the near future, because oh man, are these shadows creamy. They have a super smooth and buttery texture like the Lorac shadows, but unlike those, these don’t have the power puff from the creaminess. They blend really well and are a dream on the eyes. The downside is definitely the price, because they are $12 a pan, which is double the price of MAC.

5. MAC Eyeshadow
You can’t talk about amazing eyeshadows and not mention MAC. I find that MAC shadows are sort of hit or miss, when they’re good, they’re amazing, but some of their formulations aren’t that good. But I’m focusing on the good ones. These shadows are so long lasting, they are super easy to blend, and the color selection is insane, any color you could imagine, you can get with MAC. They also lowered the price of these recently, making them way more affordable. If you haven’t gotten a MAC shadow yet, go check them out, because it’s like eyeshadow heaven in that store. (Click here to read a post about my MAC palette!)

What are your favorite eyeshadow formulas?

18 thoughts on “Top 5 Eyeshadow Formulas

  1. I love Lorac, Urban Decay, and MAC. MAC is definitely my go to. I buy the individual pans for $6 and pop them in my Z palette. That’s a lot cheaper than some drugstore options. I really want to try the Anastasia singles next!


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