Realistic Beauty Hacks

Have you ever read a post or watched a video on beauty hacks and everything in it is super unrealistic? You know the ones. Where they suggest using Oreos as a mascara and juice as a lipstick. Those aren’t realistic (or sanitary) at all. Most things in the video end up being too much work that they can’t even be considered a “hack.” I put together a list of realistic beauty hacks that don’t take any extra effort and can really help your beauty routine. (No Oreos involved. haha)

Warm Up Your Mascara
When you start your eye makeup, put your mascara somewhere that it can warm up a little. I usually put it in my bra or between my legs if I’m sitting. This helps the product to warm up so it will apply a lot nicer.

Shave with Conditioner
Conditioner works as a shaving cream if you’re ever in a pinch (or just want to purchase less products). Your skin will feel super soft afterwards (maybe even softer than with shaving cream). This is really helpful for those days when you run out of shaving cream while you’re half way done. Instead of leaving one leg hairy or getting out of the shower to grab another can, just use conditioner. This also is really helpful when traveling, you’ll have one less product to take.

Coconut Oil as a Makeup Remover
I’m someone who wears a lot of eyeliner. Like a lot. I have problems getting all my eyeliner off at the end of the night and usually wake up with little smudges under my eyes the next morning. When I use coconut oil, everything is gone, like there’s not a single trace of makeup left on my eyes. It’s a super gentle remover, and it works insanely fast, so definitely try it out!

Eyedrops on Pimples
This is a little tip that my brother taught me a few weeks back. Eyedrops are meant to reduce redness and inflammation in your eyes, and they can do the same for pimples. If you have a spot on your face and don’t have a spot treatment handy, eyedrops can work in a pinch! Just put a drop on the zit and it will help the spot to go down and get less red.

What are some beauty hacks that you use?

10 thoughts on “Realistic Beauty Hacks

  1. Oh gods, I remember the Oreo video. My biologist friend was furious after I linked her the video (also using rubbing alcohol in stuff going near your eyes is a bad idea, and that was one of the ingredients).

    I do something similar to using coconut oil as a makeup remover, except I use Vaseline. I have a giant tub of it because it is insanely useful. It removes eyeliner and some waterproof makeup my micellar water can’t handle. I also apply it to my lips before I put on foundation, because it makes foundation that gets on my lips easier to wipe away and also helps with lip dryness.

    On the “using juice as lipstick,” I make lipbalms using the last bits of bullet lipstick, vaseline, and almond kernel oil (I make body butter so I have this stuff on hand). I just melt the lipstick into the oil and mix it with the vaseline.


  2. I have the same problem with clearing make up off my eyes. Can have black shades under them for days. Coconut oil is my life saver for everything! I also use it for shaving too. I stopped using condition as a shave cream as I only use hair masks now and it would be a waste for me. But it is good to see someone is doing the same things. We girls have to be creative and help each other when it comes to these things πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚


  3. This is such a cool post ! I often find myself questioning those β€œhack” videos that seem to be popping up everywhere lately.

    The only one that I knew was conditioner for shaving, which has been a long time favourite for myself and the girls I went to school with (it was an all girls school so I’m sure you can understand) 😜

    Anyway, I think I’ll definitely try out the other ones. Thanks for such a useful post ! 😍


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