Fighting Body Acne

Summer is finally approaching, which means short sleeves, tank tops, and exposed skin. This can be embarrassing and almost unbearable if you’re suffering from body acne. I was never one of those people who was blessed with perfect skin. This rang true for my face and my body.

Around the time I got into my Sophomore year of high school, I noticed my chest and back began breaking out. Acne is never fun, and being a diver and a lifeguard, I was constantly in a bathing suit and unable to hide it. I did so much research and tried out so many ways to clear up my back, and eventually I found out some things that work for me. I’m no professional, I’m just sharing what worked for me. My back and chest have cleared up significantly, but they are by no means perfect, I still get the occasional pimple here and there. Below are my top tips to clear everything up!

Get an Acne Body Wash
Using a body wash designed for fighting acne, like this one here, will really help clear everything up. Make sure this is the last step in your shower routine, that way you can be sure you are washing off all the other products that may clog your pores. It also helps to use a loofa on a stick, that way you can easily reach all the areas on your back.

Keep Your Hair off Your Body After Showering
If you wash your body with an acne body wash, and then let your hair lay on your back or chest afterwards, you’re just letting all the products that you cleaned off back onto your skin to clog your pores. After washing your hair, tie it up in the shower and wash your back, shoulders, and chest. When you get out of the shower, throw your hair in a towel or do whatever it is that you do, but just don’t let it down until after you have a shirt on or something that’s giving a layer between your skin and hair.

Shower After Sweating
You wouldn’t skip washing your face after working out and sweating, would you? So why would you for your other skin? After sweating, it’s important to shower and wash all the sweat off your body to prevent clogged pores and prevent acne. The longer you wait, the longer the sweat is congesting your pores, so it’s best to shower as soon as you can.

Don’t Wear Tight Clothes
If you’re someone who constantly wears tight, formfitting clothes, try taking a break and wearing something loose on top. This will help your skin breath a little and help prevent excess sweat, which can lead to clogged pores.

What are your tips for preventing body acne?

8 thoughts on “Fighting Body Acne

  1. I didn’t ever have a problem with body acne until after I graduated high school and started running regularly. I had horrible painful acne all over my chest. I found that switching out body wash for something without irritating sulfates made a huge difference. It’s important to learn how to read labels and know what irritates you


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