My MAC Palette

I love looking at people’s MAC palettes. They’re so pretty to look at and it’s like the best way to see what someone’s perfect shadows are. I’ve been collecting MAC shadows for awhile, and have been slowly buying them every few months. MAC was recently having a sale, so I decided it was the perfect time to buy the last few shadows to finish off my 15 palette! This palette is like my baby, because I’ve spent so much time picking out each and every color, so here it is!

mac palette 2

Brule – Soft Creamy-Beige. This color is great for a subtle brow bone highlight and also for all over the lid for natural looks.

Vanilla – Peachy-Ivory with Reflects. This is another highlight color. It’s really subtle (in a good way) and more shimmery than Brule.

All That Glitters – Beige with Gold Pearl. Definitely one of my favorites and a must have in any MAC collection.

Wedge – Soft Muted Beige Taupe. This is such a pretty crease color, it’s a really subtle taupe, so if you’re pale like me, then this is a must have.

Cork – Muted Golden Brown. This is a very light brown, which is super pretty for the crease.

Soft Brown – Soft Golden Peachy-Brown. This is hands down my favorite transition color, and easily one of my all time favorite shadow colors. I definitely recommend this for everyones MAC collection, it’s such a staple.

Saddle – Golden Orange Brown. This color is great for buffing into the crease to deepen up a look. I love layering this with Soft Brown in the crease. I definitely recommend this if you’re into brown looks.

Texture – Peachy-Brown with Shimmer. I find this color leans a little orange on my skin tone, but I still love it. It’s great for layering with Soft Brown and once again, a staple in a MAC collection if you love warm browns.

Quarry – Soft Muted Plum Brown. This color is great for all over the lid with Wedge in the crease and Embark in the outer V. I also love buffing this in the crease and using a shimmery purple on the lid. So pretty.

Jest – Soft Peach with Icy Shimmer. This color is actually a very light pink, almost a white with a slight hint of pink. It’s really pretty for pastel or light eye looks.

Amber Lights – Peachy-brown with Shimmer. This shadow is perfect for fall. It’s like an orangey-brown that looks especially pretty on blue eyes.

Woodwinked – Warm Antique Gold. This color is another one of my favorites, it makes such a pretty color on the lid and in the outer V. This in the outer V and All That Glitters on the lid with Saddle in the crease is one of my go to looks.

Bronze – Gold Brown with Gold-Bronze Shimmer. This color is a shimmery brown that looks amazing with Amber Lights and Woodwinked. I also like adding it in the outer corner of eye looks to darken it up.

Embark – Intense Reddish Brown. I really like pairing this color with Quarry and Wedge to create a really pretty matte-purple eye look.

Satin Taupe – Taupe with Silver Shimmer. This is a gray with a slight hint of purple. It’s really pretty when paired with Jest for a light, spring look.

What are your must have MAC colors? I’m always looking for more shades to add to my collection!

16 thoughts on “My MAC Palette

  1. I have a few similar shades to you:all that glitters, wedge, cork, amber lights, satin taupe and woodwinked. But you definitely need to add: club, sumptuous olive and shroom to your collection! They are just beautiful! I did a whole post on it a couple of weeks back if you fancy checking it out 🙂 xx


  2. I need to add more shades to my MAC collection, so far I have Woodwinked, Satin Taupe & Amber Lights. I love the look of Soft Brown & All That Glitters.
    Lucie xo |


  3. I loooove Embark and Cork, they’re my go-to browns. I love that MAC has a new line of small pans for customizable palettes (I don’t know if yours are the small ones or the full-size) because they’re $6 each so you can try out new colors without having to pay upwards of $16 for each one. I’m currently building a mac palette myself and my favorite color is Aquadisiac! It’s so subtle and flattering on every skin color.


    1. I have all the pans, so mine are the $6 ones. I love how inexpensive they are compared to what they used to be. Definitely makes it easier to build up a palette!


  4. Ahh! I’m so jealous of you. 😁😁 MAC shadows are always in my wishlist. I still haven’t tried them. 😳 Saving money- the struggle is real. Anyways, Love your post! Btw if you could choose only one shade from your collection, what would it be? 😀 Hehe I’m just curious.


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