Clothing Colors for Your Undertone

So this is the next post in my undertones series! If you missed the first one about finding your undertone, you can check that out here, and if you missed the second one on finding your season, you can check that out here. This post is going to be talking about the colors in clothes that are known to compliment each coloring. These colors are just suggestions. You are by no means obligated to stick entirely to these colors, I definitely don’t. I personally wear colors that are on my colorings ‘avoid’ list. The point in knowing this, is that when shopping and dressing yourself, you can look for colors that are really going to brighten your skin and eyes. You can use it in small doses like a scarf, or you can go full out and dress head to toe in these colors.

Once again, these are just suggestions. If you don’t like them and you prefer one color over another, then definitely go for what you love. Fashion is about expressing yourself, and there aren’t any rules.

Summer Clothes

White – Creamy, Grayed
Neutrals – Blue-Gray, Pink Beige, Taupe
Blue – Powder blue, Sky Blue, French Blue, Cadets Blue, Robin’s Egg
Red – Azelea, Raspberry, Burgundy
Yellow – Pastel
Green – Mint, Seafoam
Purple – Grape, Lilac, Orchid, Plum
Pink – Powder Pink, Cotton Candy, Rose, Mauve
Brown – Cocoa Brown, Rose Brown
Darkest – Plum, Burgundy
Avoid – Black, Orange, Gold/Caramel, Yellow-Green, Rust, Strong & Bold Colors

winter colors

White – Stark White
Neutrals – Medium Gray, Charcoal, Greige (Taupe)
Blue – Royal Blue, Electric Blue, Dark Navy, Iced (Frosted) Blue
Red – Blue Red, Maroon
Yellow – Lemon, Iced Lemon
Green – Emerald, Iced Mint
Purple – Royal Purple, Iced Lavender
Pink – Shocking Pink, Fuchsia, Iced Pink
Brown – Black-Brown
Darkest – Black, Dark Navy
Avoid – Orange, Rust, Camel/Gold, Yellow-Green, Muted & Dull

Spring Colors

White – Ivory
Neutrals – Beige, Warm Gray, Camel
Blue – Aqua, Bright Navy
Red – True Red
Yellow – Daffodil, Light Gold
Green – Lime, Apple, Celery
Purple – Violet, Light to Medium Periwinkle
Pink – Coral, Shrimp
Brown – Toast
Darkest – Bright Navy
Avoid – Black, Pink, Stark White, Blue-Red, Burgundy, Harsh & Dark

Fall colors

White – Oyster, Ecru
Neutrals – Tan, Khaki, Sage, Olive
Blue – Teal, Peacock, Turquoise
Red – Tomato Red, Orange-Red, Rust
Yellow – Sun Yellow, Gold, Mustard, Butterscotch
Green – Yellow-Green, Avocado, Cypress, Kelly, Forest
Purple – Deep Periwinkle
Pink – Salmon
Brown – Chocolate, All Warm Browns, Terra Cotta
Darkest – Chocolate Brown
Avoid – Black, Pink, Burgundy, Navy, Gray, Clear & Vivid

Also, this post is scheduled, because when it goes up I’ll be in Europe for two weeks! Yay! I have a few posts scheduled to go up when I’m gone, so my blog will still be active, however I won’t be able to reply to comments as frequently as I normally do.

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