Makeup For Your Undertone

So this is the next post in my series on undertones. If you haven’t been keeping up, you can check out the first post here about finding your undertone, and the second post here about finding your season.

undertones in makeup

So just a little disclaimer. These are just tips and recommendations. The colors that I’ll be mentioning are just what is known to flatter these skin types. You definitely don’t have to follow this to a T, I know I don’t. I use this as a guideline, but I still wear what I like, even if it isn’t listed for my coloring. Makeup is all about having fun. So even if it says that you can’t wear a color, but you love it, then go for it girl.

Next up, when looking at the past posts, remember that you can only have one undertone and season. Unless you’re neutral, which isn’t all that common. So you can’t be a summer and a spring or a winter and a fall, only one. If you’re still a little confused what you are, google celebrities with the certain undertone and season that you think you are, and see if your coloring is similar to them.

So now onto the fun part! Check for your season below and see all the colors that compliment your coloring the most! These are just the most complimentary colors, not all the ones that you are limited to. When shopping for products, check for ones that mention these colors in the name.

Cool Undertone – Summer

Foundation: Rose Beige
Blush: Rose, Pink
Lipstick: Soft pink, Rose
Mascara: Light Brown
Eyeliner: Navy, Gray
Eyeshadow: Plum, Gray, Mauve, Taupe
Nails: Natural, Soft Pink, Rose, Mauve

Cool Undertone – Winter

Foundation: Rose Beige
Blush: Rose, Wine
Lipstick: Pink, Red, Wine
Mascara: Black
Eyeliner: Navy, Black
Eyeshadow: Plum, Blue-Gray, Taupe
Nails: Natural, Hot Pink, Blue-Red, Frosted

Warm Undertone – Spring

Foundation: Ivory, Beige
Blush: Coral, Peach
Lipstick: Coral, Peach, Red
Mascara: Brown
Eyeliner: Brown
Eyeshadow: Ivory, Teal, Light Brown
Nails: Natural, Peach, Red, Coral

Warm Undertone – Fall

Foundation: Beige, Peach
Blush: Peach, Russet
Lipstick: Peach, Rust, Brick Red
Mascara: Dark Brown
Eyeliner: Black-Brown
Eyeshadow: Beige, Brown, Teal, Green
Nails: Natural, Russet, Orange-Red

9 thoughts on “Makeup For Your Undertone

  1. Figuring out your undertone can be so difficult. There’s so much “info” (not all helpful) that it can get super confusing. With some people it’s so easy to detect, but I know others have a hard time. I’m definitely cool toned, but I wear MAC NW10 foundation and it’s a perfect match. Odd!

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