All About Undertones

I’ve been sort of MIA lately and I apologize. I’m in the middle of finals and most everything is projects that I’ve been working on constantly, and then on Friday, my boyfriend, Anthony, and I drove 6 hours back to my house to surprise my sister at her college graduation on Saturday. So our entire Saturday was spent in the car, 4 hours getting to and from her school and then 6 hours getting back to ours. But I am back now! I only have a few assignments left to do this year, but nothing too bad.

Anyways, rambling over.


I’ve always found one of the most confusing aspects of both makeup and clothes to be undertones. I could never really figure them out until not too long ago. And they’re pretty important, because some things compliment your skin better than others. I decided to do a series of posts on undertones and why they’re important. This is the first one, which is just how to find your undertone.

So what is an undertone? An undertone is the color that lies beneath your skin, not your actual skin color.Β There are 3 undertones you can have: cool, warm, and neutral. Those with cool undertones are red or pink beneath the skin, and those who are warm have yellow under the skin.

There are a couple easy tests you can run to see what your undertone is, I even made an easy chart to help!

Undertones 2

Test 1: Veins
Hold your wrist over a white piece of paper and look at your veins, are they blue/purple or green? If they look blue/purple, then you have cool undertones. If they look green, then you have warm undertones. If they’re somewhere between, then you have neutral undertones.

Test 2: Do you tan or burn?
If you’re someone who doesn’t burn at all, then you have warm undertones. But if you’re someone who burns easily, then you have cool undertones. If you can burn but you mainly tan, then you are probably neutral.

Test 3: Jewelry test
Which color jewelry looks best on you? If you suite silver, then you have cool undertones, but if you look better in gold then you have warm undertones. If you look good in both, then you have neutral undertones.

Test 4: Hair and skin colors
If your (natural) hair color is blonde, brown or black and you have blue, gray, or green eyes, then you have cool undertones. If your hair color is strawberry blonde, auburn, or black hair with brown, hazel, and amber eyes, then you have warm undertones.

There are a subcategories within each color that I’ll be talking about later on, and I’ll also be talking about clothes and makeup colors that suite each skin undertone! So be sure to check back later this week if you’re interested in that!

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