High End Makeup on a Budget Part 2

Quite awhile ago, I made a post about how to score high end makeup at discounted prices (You can check that out here if you like). I decided to make a follow up post because there are sooo many ways to get great deals that a lot of people aren’t aware of. These are just some general things for you to check out, if you’re looking for more specific sales, then be sure to follow me because I make posts whenever there’s some good sales to let everyone know.

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Outlet Stores
If you live near an outlet store or an outlet mall, check them out! Places like Saks off Fifth and Nordstrom Rack will have amazing deals on high quality makeup. Outlet stores are were the main store sends all the leftover holiday or seasonal makeup after it’s “out of season.” There’s nothing wrong with the makeup, except the packaging might be Christmas when it’s January. I’ve seen Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks for half the price before, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Back to MAC
If you’re someone who shops a lot at MAC, definitely check out their Back to MAC program to score some free goodies. All you have to do is take six empty containers (check out their website to see what is considered a container) back to the store, and you can get a free lipstick. It’s definitely a good deal, because you’re getting free products for stuff you would normally throw out, not to mention you’re helping the environment (yay for recycling!).

Sample Sized Mascara
Every 3 months you’re supposed to throw out your old mascara and replace it with a new one to avoid bacteria and germs. If you’re someone who loves high end mascaras, opt for the sample size instead. There’s enough product in the sample size to last you 3 months, which is when you’d have to get rid of your full-sized product. So for $8-$10 less, you’ll get the same amount use out of the product.

Friends and Family Sales
So many stores do friends and family sales, where they run site- or store-wide discounts on just about everything. Brands like Bobbi Brown and Too Faced, as well as department stores like Bloomingdales and Lord and Taylor, have sales like this. This is a great time to stock up on some items.

Stay Loyal to One Program
Both Ulta and Sephora have tiered loyalty programs, so the more you spend, the higher status you are. I find it’s best to pick one store that you favor and buy most of your makeup there. If you prefer higher end makeup, like YSL and Marc Jacobs, stay with Sephora. If you like drugstore brands, stay with Ulta. If you find yourself somewhere in the middle with brands that are at both, like Benefit and Becca, choose whichever you like. By favoring one, you’ll earn a higher status and therefor better deals. I personally prefer Ulta, simply because I like how the points you earn when purchasing products translates into money to be used for future purchases. I just used up all my Ulta points and my Platinum 20% off and got $200 worth of makeup for $29. My friends who prefer Sephora are the highest level in their program and get better discounts during their VIB sales, so it’s just a matter of preference.

Buy Box Sets
A lot of brands sell box sets with a variety of their products in them at discounted prices. One brand that does this a lot is Benefit, on their website you can build a makeup kit and pick products you want for half the price of getting them individually. I just got a box of 4 full sized blushes and a full sized Hoola Bronzer for the price of two. Most brands do this around the holidays, but there are a couple that do it year round, so definitely look out for those. The packaging might be a little bulky and unconventional, but for the price and the amount you’re getting, it’s worth it.

What are your money saving techniques?

12 thoughts on “High End Makeup on a Budget Part 2

  1. I did not realize that the Benefit build a kit came with full sizes, in the powders at least. I am going to have to do this, I am almost out of “Hoola” and “Dallas”, might as well get more for the same price! Thanks for the knowledge hah. XoXo


  2. Benefit does have sets which are really worth it, like the cheekathon, all full sized pans but for a really low price. That’s a great deal, and I agree with you, I stick with Sephora and their loyalty program. Their discounts are worth it when you go on a shopping spree. 🙂

    Check out my blog as well, I’m just new.

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