Ways You’re Overpaying for Clothes

There’s nothing worse than splurging on what you think will be an amazing piece of clothing only to wear it once and realize that it’s actually a cheap shirt that already has holes in it. This happens to everyone, and it’s never a fun experience. I’ve taken a lot of classes in school about the quality of clothes, and I made up a quick and easy list of things that you can do to tell if clothes are worth the price or if they’re cheaply made with a high price tag.

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Made in..
When something says that it’s made in a country, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole thing is made in that country. If a pair of shoes say “Made in Italy,” all the materials and most of the workmanship might be done in China, but the finishing touches could be done in Italy. Don’t just splurge to say you have Italian shoes. Do research on the company and make sure that they are actually making their products where they claim.

The Seam Looks Weird
Before you buy something, take the time to flip it inside out and look at all the threading. If it looks wavy, it doesn’t looked finished correctly, or there are loose threads everywhere, it’s definitely not worth a high price. A company may have been trying to cut costs but increase profit by skipping the finishing process to the seams.

Things are Glued Down
When seams are glued together or embellishments are glued down, it just means it won’t last. If something has a high price but is completely glued together, it’s not worth the high price.

Prints Don’t Align
If you’re getting a patterned shirt, lay it down and check if the pattern or prints on it line up correctly. If when you button your plaid shirt up, the checks are off from one side of the chest to another, it’s cheaply made, and definitely not worth a high price.

If something claims that it is silk, take the fabric and try to pull apart the threading (gently) with your fingers. If something is really silk, or a high quality similar fabric, the seams won’t pull apart when tugged. If you make a hole or the fibers look warped, it’s cheap and not worth a high price.

Do Research
Before buying something, read reviews online. People will be honest about whether the item is worth it or not. If there are not reviews for a specific item online, read up on the brand as a whole. If they’re known for high quality stuff, the item you’re looking at will probably be pretty good. However, if all their reviews are bad, definitely don’t go for the item, you’ll more than likely be wasting money.

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