Makup Sales You Need to Know About

I’m all about those deals. I love when stores do sales on products, because I can guilt free binge in online shopping. There are a few pretty good deals happening right now that I wanted to share with you guys in case you didn’t already know about them. Enjoy and happy (sale) shopping!

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Ulta 21 Days of Beauty
A few times a year Ulta does their 21 Days of beauty, which is when each day for 21 days, they run amazing deals on products. Definitely check it out! There’s already a few products I’m eyeing for when they go on sale. You can snag things for 50% off, which, who doesn’t want that?

Too Faced Spring Fling Sale
Right now Too Faced is doing a sale with up to 72% off items! There’s some amazing things in that sale that are definitely worth checking out.
Overstock has some amazing deals on makeup right now. There’s a lot of products by theBalm on sale, which are some of my favorites. Other products featured range from high end like Dior to drugstore like NYX. Give it a look if you’re interested!

Amazon Luxury Beauty
If you’ve never purchased from Amazon Luxury Beauty before, all first time customers can get 15% off their purchase for a limited time! Items have to be purchased from this link. (Not affiliated) The items also have to be sold and shipped through Amazon. There’s some amazing brands featured so definitely check it out!

Also, it’s not makeup related but Topshop is doing 20% off for students this weekend so definitely go check them out!

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