Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Fashion is a great way to express yourself. There are absolutely no rules when it comes to clothes. You can do just about anything that you want and still rock it. I composed a list of things to avoid when it comes to fashion. These aren’t really things relating to how to or not to dress, more like things to avoid when shopping.

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Buying Clothes that are too Small
This is a mistake we’ve all made. We order something online and it doesn’t fit quite right, but we don’t feel like going through the process of returning it so we keep it. Or we try something on in the store and it doesn’t fit great but we think it’ll do because we’re going to start our diet next week, so in no time it’ll be perfect. Don’t do it. It’s a waste of money. If something doesn’t fit like you want it to, don’t get it, you won’t wear it and it will just take up space while collecting dust. Buy the size that makes you feel great, who cares if it’s not a size 0. The number on your clothes don’t define you, no one sees them but you.

Keeping Things that Aren’t Comfortable
Whether it is a pair of shoes that pinch your heels or toes, or a sweater that is too itchy, don’t keep it. You’ll be uncomfortable and complaining all day. It also helps to figure out what materials you don’t like. This past year I discovered I’m allergic to mohair, and anything with more that 10% of wool irritates my skin and gives me a rash. This has really saved me money when it came to sweater shopping, and helped me to clear out room in my closet.

Giving into Trends You Hate
Just because everyone is wearing army pants and flip flops, doesn’t mean you have to wear army pants and flip flops. If there’s a trend that you really hate, don’t try and convince yourself you like it and buy into it. It’s a waste of money and you won’t really like what  you’re wearing. Trends come and go, style is forever. Dress how you want not how everyone else is telling you to dress.

Buying Something Only Because it’s on Sale
Just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it. I don’t care if it was originally $1,000, and is now $100. If you don’t like it, don’t force yourself to like it because of the price. Even if you’re saving $900 on something, you’re spending $100 that you wouldn’t have originally.

Buying Something Just For the Name
Don’t feel pressured to buy something because of the name on the tag. If you see a top at Forever 21 that you love that’s a replica of a designer shirt, don’t feel like you have to fork out the extra $400 for the “real thing.” The name doesn’t matter, just get what you like.

Getting Convinced to Buy Something You Hate
This is something I’m guilty of, and I hate shopping with friends because of this reason. I can be so easily swayed into getting something because of others telling me I should get it. Don’t let your friends or pushy sales associates convince you to get something you don’t like. Go with your gut when it comes to clothes!

Impulse Purchases
Be careful of these! We all get caught up in the cute trinkets near the register, but they’re not worth the money. This also goes towards bigger purchases. You’re going to regret it so much if you spend a bunch of money on something that looked awesome in store but is sort of meh when you get home. Make sure you think things through, leave the store and walk around a little more and then come back if you decide you really want it.

What are your guys’ biggest fashion mistakes? Mine’s definitely getting talked into things, but I’m also notorious for keeping things that don’t fit because I didn’t feel like returning them.

12 thoughts on “Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Great advice, Molly! I’ve become a fan of your posts xoxo they’re so well written and speak right to you!


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