Lorac Unzipped Tutorial

Seeing as this has been my favorite palette for the past month, it only seemed appropriate to do a tutorial using it! This is my favorite look at the moment, its a pink and maroon everyday eye. So pretty! Also, for some reason the first two pictures turned out blurry and I’m not sure why. So my apologies! I didn’t want to wait till tomorrow to redo the pictures cause I wanted to get something up today.

lorac unzipped tutorial

These are the products I’m going to use today. Obviously the Lorac Unzipped Palette ($42 at Ulta), but also the the Lorac primer ($21 at Ulta), Stila liquid eyeliner ($22 at Sephora), Sephora pencil liner ($12 at Sephora), and Maybelline mascara ($8.99 at Ulta).

Lorac unzipped tutorial 1

So, first, obviously, we prime our lids. Once the primer is on and dried, I took the color Unconditional on a fluffy brush and worked that through my crease. This is going to be our transitional color, so it will help all the other colors to blend together.

Lorac unzipped tutorial 2

I next took Unreal, which is a light pink, and put that on the inner half of the eye lid.

Lorac unzipped tutorial 4

I mixed Unbelievable and Uncensored and packed that onto the outer lid. Blending it with Unreal to make a gradient effect on the lid.

lorac unzipped palette tut

Next, take Unbridled, which is a dark maroon/brown color and work that into the outer V of the eye. Make sure to blend this so that there are no hard lines anywhere on the lid.

lorac unzipped tutorial 7

Finally, finish off the look. I added Unbridled and Unreal under my lash line, tight lined my eyes, added a wing with liquid eyeliner, and finally finished it off with some mascara.

And voila! Finished! This is my favorite look right now. Let me know if you decide to recreate this and what your favorite look at the moment is!

7 thoughts on “Lorac Unzipped Tutorial

  1. Really nice tutorial, very descriptive and great use of shades. Very natural, looks a fab eye colour & such a simple yet creative everyday eye look. Brilliant!


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