February 2016 Favorites

Another month into 2016 gone, where is the time going?! Anyways, time for another monthly favorites! Let me know in the comments below what you’ve been loving this month!

February Favs

Lorac Unzipped Palette
Eyeshadows are my thing. I’m always looking for the next best palette, the perfect color combination, and the best texture. I have so many palettes, that I never really stick to one for a long time, I change my eye makeup daily. I have a rotation that I go through, and never use one palette two days in a row. However, recently there’s one palette that I use just about every other day and is my go to, and that’s the Lorac Unzipped Palette ($42 at Ulta). I got this as a birthday present to myself with a $10 off coupon from Ulta. I’ve got a full review here, which you should check out because I go more in depth about the product. In short, the quality is amazing and I love the colors. They’re absolutely gorgeous and make the prettiest maroon and pink eye looks. Definitely check it out!

Marc Jacobs Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
I got this in a sample size from Sephora for my birthday gift from them. I adore this color, it’s a dark rose/mauvey color, which is just gorgeous. The quality is so nice, it’s not drying or sticky on the lips. It has a great staying power, too! I can put it on before a long day of classes and it’s still there when I get out. (Full size is $30 at Sephora) At the moment, this is my go to lip color, I use it basically everyday. The color looks so nice with my skin tone, and goes great with maroon and brown eye looks.

february favs 1

Lush Lip Scrub
My lips have been getting pretty dry this winter, which doesn’t look cute when I put on lipstick. I picked up this scrub at the end of January from Lush ($9.95), and have been using it loads. I just take a small amount on my finger, and rub it all over my lips, then lick it off when I’m done. The one I’ve been using is bubblegum flavored, which tastes so yummy, and it makes my lips feel so such smoother!

OGX TeaTree Mint Shampoo
My scalp has been pretty dry this winter, giving me those embarrassing small white flakes. I discovered this shampoo ($7.99 at Ulta), which has helped significantly to clear it up and moisturize my hair and scalp. I did a full review of it over here, if you want to check it out. The smell of this is great, and it cleared up any embarrassing flaking I had, while also making my hair feel healthier. Definitely check it out if you’ve been having a similar problem.

Aviator Jackets
I got myself a tan aviator jacket from Forever 21 last month which has definitely become a style favorite of mine. I love how effortless chic it looks. It’s so warm and cuddly, but looks so stylish. My exact one is out of stock, but I found two similars, one from Forever 21 in black, and the other from MissGuided. This is a classic style, but is going to be in style next fall, so I’d definitely suggest trying to get your hands on this! It’s also a great transitional piece into the spring.

february favs 2

Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-Powder
While placing an order on Sephora earlier in the month, I came a little short of free shipping, so I decided to pick this up in the sample size to get myself to the $50 point. Guys. It’s so good. I’m all about dry shampoo. I use it all the time to avoid washing my hair too much. But I find that around day 4 my hair gets a little flat from the oil and dry shampoo. Using a little of this around my part really brings back some height and also helps to get rid of some oil. It’s a white power that’s a mixture of dry shampoo, style extending, and volume benefits. A little goes a long way and the results are just incredible. My only complaint (aside from the price) is that it’s white, so I have to be sure that I really rub this in so it doesn’t make my hair look gray. (Sample size $12, Full size $27 at Sephora)

17 thoughts on “February 2016 Favorites

    1. It’s made my hair feel significantly softer and look nicer. It’s shinier now than it was before. As far as repairing damage from heat, I haven’t noticed a difference, but I’ve only been using it a few weeks

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  1. All these products sounds really nice! I’d love that unzipped palette! so pretty! I love the lorac pro shadows. I have been loving the tartelette palette this month 🙂 Awesome post ❤


  2. Great Blog post! The palette looks really pretty, gorgeous shades. I’ve not tried Lorac before, think I will have to try that brand at some point. Fab items.


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