Lorac Unzipped Review and Swatches

For my birthday the other day, I decided to treat myself to a couple of things I’ve been eyeing for awhile. Since I’m a Platinum member at Ulta, I got $10 off anything in store for my birthday. I took this opportunity to get the Lorac Unzipped palette. I was in the market for another pink toned palette, something similar to the Naked 3, but with a few deeper pink/maroon shades. In comes Lorac. I love their products to begin with, I’ve yet to be disappointed with anything from them. Everything is so creamy and blendable, and just a dream to work with. This palette is no exception.

lorac unzipped

Although this palette is pink toned like the Naked 3, I feel like they’re completely different (such a girl thing to say, haha). This palette is warmer than the Naked 3, and has deeper rose colors. The darker colors in the Naked 3 are more grey than brown or maroon. This makes this palette ideal for anyone with warm undertones, especially if you love pink shades like I do.

lorac unzipped 2

I’ve already used this palette a few times and can I just say I’m in love. I adore the color unconditional as a crease color. It’s matte and so good as a transitional shade. The palette is up to Lorac standards, which, if you’ve used any of their other products, you know what that is; creamy and buttery shadows.

lorac unzipped 3

Side note, how pretty are these flowers? My lovely boyfriend got them for me. Roses are my favorite so he surprised me with them along with a home cooked breakfast. I never actually get home cooked food at school, so it was a real treat.

lorac unzipped 7

lorac unzipped 4

Anyways, back to makeup! If you’re someone who loves pink shadows and warm palettes, I would highly recommend this. As far as higher quality palettes go, Lorac is on the cheaper side at only $42, which is $10 less than the Naked palettes or the Chocolate palettes. The quality is on par, if not better.

I love these sorts colors for the early spring because it’s pink but you can warm it up with the darker colors. Giving you the opportunity to make the prettiest pink smokey look.

Lorac Unzipped 5

Lorac Unzipped 6

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