Running Late Makeup

We’ve all been there, we snooze too many times and all of a sudden we have to be out the door in 15 minutes and we’re still in bed. Or, if you’re an unlucky student like me, you get stuck taking the dreaded 8 A.M. class and oversleep your alarm. Fear not! I have the tips and tricks to make sure you’re out the door on time and don’t look like you overslept.

Photo from Linkdn

Step 1: Wash your face! Even if you only have 5 minutes to get ready, this is the most important thing you can do. Get all the sleep gunkies off your face and prep it for a new day. Plus the water on your face will be a quick pick me up.

Step 2: Eyes! Putting on the smallest amount of eye makeup can make you look more awake and alert. Tight lining your eyes is the best way to open them up. If you use a nude or white color (like this one from Maybelline) on your water line, it will take away any redness you may have, making you look more awake. If you don’t have white or nude, try a black. After eyeliner, curl your lashes and add a coat of mascara.

Step 3: Conceal. Add a light amount of concealer to any spots that you need to cover (including under eye), and finish off with a powder if you tend to get oily throughout the day.

Step 4: Lips. Adding a little color to your lips will bring more color to your face. Even a tinted lip balm would brighten up the face.

And voila! You are done! This look is so simple it can be done in minutes, making you out the door in a snap!

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