Lorac Pro Contour Kit Review

Holy buttery.

lorac contour

The texture of these products are magical.

lorac contour 3

After binge watching YouTube videos for the past two weeks, I decided to go out and buy myself a contour kit. I did a lot of research on the different ones out there and ultimately decided to get the Lorac Pro Contour Kit from Ulta. The selling point for me ended up being the price and the brush that was included with the set (I’ve got my priorities straight, obviously, haha).

Immediately upon getting into my car, I opened this up and swatched it. And can I just say, it was like magic. There is nothing about this kit that’s chalky, it’s straight up butter.

lorac contour 4

The kit includes three contours, in light, medium, and deep, and three highlights, in beige, yellow, and shimmer. The brush in it is long and flat with super soft synthetic bristles. It makes a really good dupe for the NARS ITA contouring brush, at a much better price. I adore how easy this brush makes contouring, just put it on the hollow of your cheek, wiggle it a little, and done. So easy.

lorac contour 2

While playing around with this kit, I went for the darkest contour. It’s definitely a color that would be more suited to someone who isn’t as fair as me. However, when I put it on (with a light hand) and blended it, it made the perfect dramatic contour. The beige and yellow highlights make a great under eye highlight when combined. The white shimmery color makes a nice subtle highlight. It looks natural on the skin and doesn’t make it look obvious that you are wearing a highlight.

lorac contour 5

The contour colors in here are matte and are normal to warm toned, so if you’re looking for a more cool toned contour, this might not be the kit for you. The packaging is thin and sturdy, which makes it good for traveling. It isn’t too bulky but at the same time won’t break.

I know a lot of people have a beef with contour kits. They think that you’re paying too much for a lot of colors you won’t use. The way I see it is if you’re just getting into makeup, a kit is the way to go. Even if you have a more established collection, a kit can  become useful. Although all three colors might not be used regularly, you never know when you might want a deep contour, or a more subtle day time look. The added brush is also a bonus.

Over all I really adore this palette. I think the colors in it are gorgeous, and the pay out is amazing. Some contours look too orangey or ashy, but these don’t. They’re absolutely beautiful and I would definitely recommend this!


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