High End Clothing on a Budget

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A couple of weeks ago, I did a post about getting high end makeup on a budget, and so many people found it helpful that I decided to make another one, but this time, for clothes. I’m a sucker for good quality clothes. There’s nothing wrong with stores like Forever 21, they’re great for trendy items, but nothing beats getting a high quality item that will last you for years. Below are a couple tips to get the best deals possible!

Sign up for Email Clubs
A lot of stores give discounts off your first online purchase. Like Urban Outfitters (10% off), Bloomingdales (10% off), and Kate Spade (15% off). Just scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and check and see if their is an email sign up. It might not seem like much, but email clubs have helped me save a ton of money. You also get exclusive promotions throughout the year and early access to big sales!

Student Discounts
A lot of stores offer discounts to students. Sites like Unidays and StudentBeans are free to sign up to with a valid student ID. Sign up for them and scroll through all the discounts for online stores. There are hundreds of sites on here, ranging from Topshop to Wildfox to ASOS.

Shop the Sales
End of season sales usually take place midway through the actual season. But since retail has to stay ahead of the game, stores are clearing out their winter stock at the end of December through all of January. This is the perfect time to get stuff up to 70% off. (I have a post on some end of season sales here if you want to check some out!)

Outlet Stores
If you’ve got outlet malls or outlet stores by you, check them out! Clothes there are so cheap, and there’s nothing wrong with them. There’s a misconception that outlet stores have defected clothes in them. But usually it’s just extra stock from regular stores. Outlets have on season clothes at incredible prices.

Birthday Discounts
This one sort of goes along with signing up for email clubs. A lot of places give discounts during the month of your birthday. Places like American Apparel, Anthropology, and American Eagle all give birthday discounts.

My boyfriend thinks I have magical shopping powers (and I do)  because I always get stuff on sale. Even if the item isn’t on sale, I get a coupon online and get it cheaper. He’s at the point where whenever he finds something he likes, he assumes I’ll find a coupon for him. The trick is just google ‘*store name* promo code’ and check sites like RetailMeNot. Having said this, if the coupon is not valid, please do not yell at the associate. Coming from someone who has worked retail for the past three years, it’s not my fault and I can’t make an exception this one time. Just be nice!

Friends and Family Sales
A lot of stores do friends and family sales, which is when they have a huge discount on everything site wide. Do a little research into stores and find out if they have one! It’s so worth it! (And the perfect time to get those designer items that never go on sale).

There are so many ways to get good prices on clothes. These are just a few of them! Hopefully these help you to snag the wardrobe of your dreams!

Do you have any tips to get great deals on clothes?

One thought on “High End Clothing on a Budget

  1. Hey! Great post! I had to redo my entire closet when I turned 33. I paid off debt for yrs., & still had 20-something, worn clothes. I re-did my entire wardrobe w/ designer items *cheaply*. I want to show others that it can be done, even on a modest income, without going into debt!

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