College Closet: Winter Essentials

sweaters 1


Okay, so quick background on me, I’m a full time college student studying fashion merchandising. I go to school in the Northeast, so winters are a battle of the cold and snow. I thought it would be a good idea to make a little guide of winter must haves for college students. I know a lot of schools are heading back soon, so if you’re heading back to campus soon, you can throw these in your suitcase to battle the winter cold.

These are just the things that I’ve found to be helpful in my time at school. Hopefully this helps anyone else who knows the struggle of trudging to class in the snow. And if you’re one of the lucky ones who goes to school in the south or warmth, well, then I envy you.

The key to surviving a cold winter is a good winter coat. I have two that I alternate between, one is a big green parka and the other is a navy duffle coat. I find having one nicer winter coat (the duffle coat) and one casual winter coat (the parka) allows me to either dress it up or keep it pretty casual at school. I’m a bit excessive when it comes to coats, so you could definitely get away with only one coat. Just make sure its thick enough to keep you warm while you walk to class (bonus if it’s longer!)

Get snow boots! A cute pair of waterproof boots will be your lifesaver. I also recommend getting a pair of more ‘fashionable’ boots that aren’t as bulky, but are cheap enough that if they get wet and ruined as the winter goes on it won’t be the end of the world.

Winter Hat
We’ve all been there. We wake up late, it’s cold, we haven’t washed our hair in days. Just put on a beanie and you are instantly ready for whatever the day has for you.

Blanket Scarves
My favorite thing about blanket scarves is how chic they can look. Throw it on with a sweater, leggings, and a messy bun and boom! You look like you tried to look good when in reality you woke up twenty minutes ago.

Thick Leggings
Sometimes you just can’t handle jeans. And the thicker the leggings the warmer you’ll stay.

Thick Sweaters 
If you have a sweater in each of the basic colors (white, grey, and black), then you can make any outfit. Scarves help to change up the outfits and keeps things interesting.

Get jeans in at least two different colors. It could be black and navy. A dark wash and a light wash. Maroon and grey. Two different colors allows you to change it up in an easy way.

Things to Avoid:

Packing Similars 
This was a big mistake that I made my first year. You don’t need to pack four different white sweaters. I get it, they all have different knitting so they’re different, but come on. One or two is more than enough.

Things you don’t wear
If you’ve had a shirt that you have never worn in the three years you’ve owned it, you won’t magically start wearing it now. Don’t pack it. You don’t need it.

Too many jeans
Another thing I’m guilty of. I own probably 5 pairs of black jeans. They are all the same exact pair of jeans (Topshop Joni jeans, they’re life changing). I did not need to bring all five to school. Two would have been plenty.



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