The Balm Blushes Review

Aww stop, you’re making me blush!

Alright, now that the pun is out of the way, lets get into the review!


With Black Friday came a blessing of incredible deals. One being 50% everything on the Balm’s website. That, combined with some shopping on Hautelook, and I have all the powder blushes from the Balm. I love the Balm blushes. I love the colors and I love the payout that they have. Each blush comes in a cute, and sturdy, package with a cute name.


Frat Boy is a matte peachy-pink color. This blush works great on pale skins. I used it on my sister this weekend (who is about as pale as they come) and the color was perfect. Not too dark, giving her the perfect subtle flush. It’s also very buildable, so it works on darker skins too.


Hot Mama is a color similar to Frat Boy,Β a peachy-pink shade. The difference is Hot Mama has a little bit of shimmer to it and is the slightest bit darker.


Down Boy is my most recent addition to this collection. It’s another matte blush. This one is a baby pink color. It’s super pigmented and gives the most natural flush to the face.


Cabana Boy. This is easily my favorite out of the bunch. It’s a shimmery blush with plum undertones. I read an interview with Chrissy Teigen’s makeup artist, and she said that plum blushes are a great way to bring life to a face and not make it look fake. I totally agree. This has recently been my go to blush color.

the balm

All these blushes have been my obsession currently. The packaging is sturdy and just plain adorable, and the colors inside are even better. If you can get your hands on any of them, I definitely recommend it! If you have to choose only one, my vote is definitely Cabana Boy.

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