Too Faced Natural Face Palette Review

too faced natural facetoo faced natural face 2too faced natural face 1

On one of my many makeup shopping sprees online, I picked up this palette from Too Faced. To be completely honest, I had no clue what was in here when I bought it, it was on sale and the price was  just too good to pass up, so I got it.

The idea of this palette is to have universally neutral shades that can help create the perfect natural look. Everything in here except for the bronzer is a cream (which explains the finger prints in the photos). The consistency of the cream is really nice and buttery, and everything in here is super pigmented. The thing out of here that I’ve used the most is the brightener, which I use as a cheek highlight. I also really love the colors of the blushes, especially the creme blush.


This palette also gives three cards explaining how to use the products in here. Which can be especially helpful if you’re new to makeup. Think of one of those number coloring books, but with makeup.

too faced natural palette 3

My only beef with this palette is the concealer. As a pale person, this is waaaaay to dark on me, and honestly could probably work as a bronzer on my skin. There’s also an almost orangey tint to it. I don’t know how many skins would be able to work with this concealer well.

This palette is definitely ideal for traveling, because it has literally everything in it. It’s also a good buy if you’re newer to makeup and want to get a lot of different products for a pretty good price.

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