Benefit They’re Real! Push Up Eyeliner Review

theyre real eyeliner

So I’m going to be honest. The only reason I got this was because I had a 10% off and was a few dollars away from free shipping.

This has always been one of those products where I’ve been meaning to try it but kept pushing it back because I didn’t want to spend the money. So when I had a discount and saw the sample size in the suggestion area, I thought why not?

theyre real

Because of the shape of the applicator, I thought this would be a liquid liner, but it’s actually a gel liner pen. The product goes on smooth like a liquid liner, but has the appearance of almost a kohl pencil liner.

I genuinely think I wasted about a third of the product from trying to figure out how to get it out. You have to twist the bottom, and there’s a short delay before the liner comes onto the tip of the pen. I did not know that. So I cranked it a lot before I realized my mistake and had wasted a lot of liner.

theyre real tip

The actual application of the liner is really smooth. I like the fine tip of the pen, because it gives a lot of control. The color is extremely black, something I definitely look for in my eyeliners. The staying power is pretty good. I think out of all the days I’ve worn it, I only had one day where the eyeliner had moved and smudged. But it was so minor that only I could notice it.


Final thoughts?

The applicator is hard to get used to at first, and sometimes its pretty stubborn and hard to get product out. It’s also kind of pricey as far as eyeliners go. It’s nothing outrageous, but definitely one of the most expensive eyeliners I’ve worn.

If you like eyeliner that doesn’t look perfect and has almost a smudgy or edgy look to it, go for it. However, if you like clean, thin lines, this isn’t the product for you.

I personally like this eyeliner, I think it’s good for days where I want my makeup not to look so clean cut. I’m planning on buying the full-sized version sometime in the near future.


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