Naked Palette Comparisons

I thought of so many better titles for this post but they were all inappropriate. Oh well.


When I first got into makeup, I wanted to get a good eyeshadow palette that had a lot of colors for not too much money, so I chose a Naked palette. The hard part came when I had to choose which one to get. At the time, there weren’t really any posts comparing the three. In result, I spent days researching the three and all their differences. So, I decided to make one big post so no one else has to endure my struggle.

Let’s get naked. (Get it??)


Naked Palette

The original Naked palette is composed of 12 bronze-hued shades. The colors are warm, so if you’ve got warm toned skin, this would be the palette for you. This palette can also works on cool skin tones. The palette includes 2 matte colors (Naked and Buck) and 10 shimmery colors.

This is definitely my favorite of the three. I prefer warm toned colors, and Naked gives me a wide variety of them. Sin would be my favorite color, I use that one almost everyday, regardless what look I am going for. This was also my first Naked palette, a choice I did not regret at all. The packaging isn’t great, and the mirror inside is pretty small. Minor details that can make traveling with this palette a bit more challenging.

DSC00040Naked 2

Naked 2 is a cool toned palette, meaning it would be the perfect pick for anyone with cool toned skin. Unlike Naked, this palette is not as versatile for warm toned skin types, its doable, but not as easy to work with. This palette is taupe-hued. This palette has three matte shades (Foxy, Tease, and Blackout) and 9 shimmery shades. Foxy is a matte cream color and Blackout is a matte black, both colors are useful and versatile, especially if you don’t already have colors similar.

Naked 2 is my least used of the three palettes. There’s nothing wrong with it, the colors in it are gorgeous, but I’m just more drawn to warm colors because I feel like they suit my skin better. I’ll use this palette maybe once every week or so. What I do like about this palette as opposed to Naked 1 is the packaging. The case is more sturdy, it clamps shut, and there is a bigger mirror.

DSC00042Naked 3

Naked 3 is a rose-hued palette, which works on both warm and cool skin tones. This palette has three matte shades (Strange, Limit, and Nooner), 6 shimmery shades, and 3 satin shades.

This is my newest of the three, and so far I’ve really been liking it. I really like using pink shades for a subtle makeup look. Strange is probably one of the best highlight colors I’ve used thus far. It’s so pigmented and creamy.

From bottom to top: Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3

So, final verdict?

If you’re on the lookout for your first Naked palette, go for either 1 or 2. If you’re warm toned, definitely get the original. If you’re cool toned, either 1 or 2 would work for you, but 2 might be better. If you aren’t sure if you’re warm or cool toned, the original Naked would be a safe bet. Although I love Naked 3, I don’t suggest it for your first Naked palette. The other two will give more looks and have a better color selection.

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